Swank, A Posh Boutique’s Ebony Swank, CEO/Founder.


Another New to The Street TV “Unstoppable Women Entrepreneurs – Segment,” interviews Ebony Swank, CEO/Found at Swank, A Posh Boutique (“Swank”). TV Hosts Jane King and Rhonda Swan talk with Ebony in-studio at Nasdaq Marketplace, where viewers learn and understand how Swank became a successful online and retail business. Starting with only a $12,000 investment, Ebony grew Swank’s revenues to around $40M. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Swank specializes in women’s clothing fashions that cater to all sizes and ethnicities. Ebony took a personal look at each customer to determine what influences their buying habits. Customer information became key to understanding which products would excite her demographic – all women. Swank has an impressive social media marketing footprint, with 30% of sales created organically. Another successful marketing tool is to show women how a particular piece of clothing fits; Ebony made media shows of women of all different shapes and sizes trying on clothing brands. A woman seeing another woman try on clothes can help them determine if an outfit will fit and look good on them, too. A big seller is Swank’s jeans, produced in China, with the highest possible quality, priced reasonably; this brings customers into the retail and online boutique. These jean sales enabled Swank to retain customers who purchase other fashion offerings. Ebony would like to grow Swank, A Posh Boutique brand, into international markets. As a woman entrepreneur, Ebony and her Company, Swank, A Posh Boutique, is a beautiful example of success. The on-screen QR code is available during the show to download more info or visit Swank, A Posh Boutique – https://shopswankaposh.com/.

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