Black Bird Biotech Fabian Deneault, President, and Rich Forbis, National Sales General Manager


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This week New to the Street T.V. welcomes back Black Bird Biontech, Inc. (OTCPINK:BBBT), interviewing Mr. Fabian G. Deneault, President, and Mr. Rich Forbis, National Sales General Manager. Mr. Deneault provides in-depth, updated discussion with host Jane King about their Company’s products, MiteXstream, an EPA-registered plant-based non-poisonous biopesticide. He informed viewers that the Company successfully closed a Regulation ‘A’ financing for $1.5M, using the funds to be debt-free and the focus in 2021 in expanding the Company’s products’ markets. Recently hired as BBBT’s national sales manager, Rich explains his objective of getting the MiteXstream as a nationally recognized brand in cannabis and other agricultural products. Fabin explains the EPA certification process and how you go forward with that certification to get U.S. State approvals; currently, qualified for use in 31 states. Because MiteXstream contains no hazardous chemicals being a fruit grade and plant-based biopesticide, it appears that it remains harmless to bees and looks to eliminate bee mites that cause hive collapse. He explains that the Company continues testing to see if the MiteXstream product can solve beehive deaths. A product that controls or eliminates mites, molds, and mildews can assist in agricultural growers eliminating problems, increasing yields, and reducing cost; Rich looks forward to taking these proven facts about the MiteXstream and growing the commercial retail markets nationally. Mr. Deneault explains the COVID-19 challenges in supply chain distributions and how the Company handled its business throughout this pandemic.

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