Tonix Pharmaceuticals has paid $240,000 for a 12 part program-following the companies progress . The package includes monthly interviews and network broadcasts . Additionally the funds cover production and commercial 15 and 30 second broadcasting .
INND has paid 9 M shares  and $3500 per month for a 12 part series which includes 5 Network broadcasts and interviews per month .  They will also be broadcasting commercials
Fmw expects to receive  1M in equity from PetProducts.com for ongoing interviews and commercials across its 5 television Networks
HEALIXA. FMW has resigned Healixa to a 12 part series for 5 network broadcasts per month .  FMW was paid 400k restricted shares Rule 144 stock .
FMWs insiders  have received 70M shares from Healixa for the JV deal for the Deposits.com url usage for Healixa
All Shares will be sold as soon as possible which should be seen as a CONFLICT Of INTEREST