New to the Street will present the premiere for Winston Gold Corp’s 6 part series


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 16, 2020 / New To The Street “Exploring The Block” is pleased to be broadcasting on Thursday at 1030 pm PST Featuring (FET), Winston Gold Corp.(WGMCF), GreenBoxPOS(GRBX), ZYNECOIN(ZYN) and AurusCoin(AWX)

This show is the premiere interview for Winston Gold Corp’s 6 part series with CEO Murray Nye and Joseph Carrabba Executive Chairman appearing. Mr. Carraba joined the Winston Gold Corp with 42 years of experience serving on boards of several listed companies including Newmont Mining. The show series will follow Murray, Joseph, and the team on its high-grade project near Helena, Montana.

” In the near future, FMW’s team will visit the mine in Montana and capture the team working live. The back story on the management and mine is extraordinary. They put together a team of veterans that are the best of the best.” Stated Vince Caruso CEO of FMW Media

Greenbox POS (GRBX) with Chairmen and Co-Founder Ben Erez explaining how they are the only payment infrastructure company that uses 100 percent blockchain ledger technology for payments. He also talks about the 3rd generation release later this year and NASDAQ uplisting. with Humayun Sheikh updates us on real-world trials including ride-hailing and supply chain. Bringing the tech from the lab to the real world. Humayun goes into smart infrastructure helping the autonomous driver and the collective learning enabling better predictions.

ZYNECOIN (ZYN) Unleashing Africa’s potential.

Joining New to the street in the first interview of their 12 part series is Karim Benabdelkader, CVO of Zynecoin.

“ZYNECOIN, the first decentralized ledger to support African entrepreneurs, to build Africa’s future through Blockchain,” stated Karim. (AWX) with Guido J.P. van Stijn Managing director appearing in the first interview of their six-part series.

Aurus Tokenization for the gold industry. Aurus offers direct access for the public to invest in gold – the ecosystems provides multiple vault locations, distributors, providers, and more true global liquidity.AWX coin hybrid utility earns 70 percent of the AWG ecosystem fees.

FMW also finished show number 142 which will be on Fox Monday, Nov 23 at 1030 PM PST. Additionally New to The Street will be broadcasting this Saturday, Nov 21 at 6 pm est on Bloomberg.


FMW Media
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For FMW Media:

Bryan Johnson

Winston Gold Corp.

Winston Gold Corp. | High grade, Low cost, Near-term Gold

Winston Gold Corp. is a junior mining company focused on generating cash flow by advancing high-grade, low-cost mining opportunities into production. Our management and operations team have considerable experience identifying and developing high-grade underground mines that exhibit excellent potential for success

GreenBox POS (“GRBX”)

Greenbox POS is a groundbreaking technology company that builds customized payment solutions for a variety of industries. The company develops individual disruptive applications integrated into an end-to-end suite of financial products, supporting multiple industries with an emphasis on Blockchain secured ledger technology. The company was awarded 5 provisional patents for its technology. GreenBox POS develops the following main products: POS (Point of Sale software and hardware solutions); DEL (delivery app, APIs to POS and PAY); PAY (payment app, providing financial APIs to all other components); KIOSK (deposit, cash and E-wallet management). All products, services, and custom hardware are available now from GRBX.
GreenBox develops all software in-house and with international subsidiaries, which allows the company to provide individualized electronics modifications in partnership with different vendors. Custom POS machines are available as an upgrade from existing solutions currently in use. First-time merchants can also take advantage of custom-built kiosk machines powered by blockchain technology, complete with e-wallet integration downloadable via Android or iOS apps, or via installed cash-loading kiosks.


Zynecoin: Unleashing the Immense Potential of the African Economy

The world is experiencing a time like never. We are in the grip of a pandemic, and nation-states have no playbook for facing this situation. However, humankind is resilient, it is only a matter of time before the world gets back on its feet, though it may stagger along the way. Another thing is for sure too. In the economic upheaval, paradigms shall shift and force the world’s country to a similar starting point – giving a chance for emerging markets to rise.

There is no doubt once the global economic lockdown is lifted, the primary driver of the new economic engine will be Africa’s emerging markets.

The African economy has been hailed as a potential site for investment for decades. Several prestigious organizations have indicated the huge potential for growth that the African economies have. It is funny that the continent that birthed our human civilization is going to birth a new world economy.


Aurus is a UK fintech company that offers a tokenization solution to the traditional gold market, enabling its participants to produce and distribute their own gold-backed token; AurusGOLD (AWG). (FET) a Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab, is building a decentralized machine learning platform based on a distributed ledger, that enables secure sharing, connection, and transactions based on any data globally.’s network is based around an open-source technology that any user can run to connect to the network, giving access to the power of AI on a world-scale secure dataset, to carry out complex coordination tasks in the modern economy.

On this network, a series of software agents represent and act on behalf of their owners. These autonomous agents work to provide an optimized service across a variety of ecosystems, to the benefit of both suppliers and consumers.

This system has a wide potential in many areas. Financial services users can optimize trading, public transport networks could be reconfigured, cities could intelligently adapt to usage by their citizens, the gig economy could be restructured, and energy networks can be connected in a smart grid.

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