When digital transformation drives M&A activity: Taking the pulse of the 2021 fraud prevention and cybersecurity space


The emergence of COVID-19 since early-2020 not only resulted in restrictions and a tremendous wave of changes, but the ecommerce penetration and digital transformation have increased dramatically. Instantly, ecommerce became a critical sales channel for merchants worldwide. Vesta reported that in Q1 2021, this never-before-seen surge in ecommerce sales reached USD 196.6 billion in the US alone, representing a 39% growth over the prior year. Even though we are slowly going back to the ‘normal’ before the lockdown, with restrictions being lifted, it is now more important than ever for the players in the payments industry to stay vigilant to the numerous challenges (e.g. more online transactions allowed new fraud actors to emerge, change in consumer behaviour, increase in the use of digital channels etc.) coming towards their way.

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