What is Winston Gold Corp?


Winston Gold CorpKey Takeaways

  • Junior mining company focused on high-grade, low-cost mining opportunities.
  • Winston Gold Corp has a team of highly talented and experienced professionals who are proficient in finding profitable mining projects.
  • The Winston Gold Project comes in a mining-friendly jurisdiction and is close to Helena, Montana.
  • Existing infrastructure present in and around the project.
  • High-grade Custer mine present that has already shown promise of good yield in the past.

One of the most precious metals on our planet is gold. Its addition can increase the value of any commodity and has always been considered a great investment option as well. Gold is quickly regaining its luster in the market and mining high-grade gold will become good business around the world. The Winston Gold Corp is a junior mining company that has acquired the Winston Gold project near Helena, Montana, and is focused on high-grade, low-cost mining opportunities into production.

What is Winston Gold Corp?

Winston Gold CorpWinston Gold Corp is a team of highly intuitive professionals who have years of experience under their belt in the gold mining industry. They are adept in identifying and researching gold projects to find underground mines that have huge potential for success. Years of knowledge and practice has allowed the expert team to acquire two exciting high-grade projects near the Winston area and repeat their past success in turning it into a profitable, low-cost mining operation.

What is the project?

The Winston Gold Project is situated just 37 km southeast of Helena, Montana, and comes under a mining-friendly jurisdiction. It has excellent infrastructure in and around the project and is easily accessible year-round due to paved roads and highways. It is home to a high-grade Custer Mine that was closed but reported to produce 1.5 ounces per ton gold before they hit a water table and had to halt operations.

It contains a high-grade Custer mine that is under-explored and under-exploited and has the potential to yield high profits. It is an existing project which was shut down due to technical incompetency and hence needs minimal set-up costs and is easily permitted as well. Most of the infrastructure is already present and sustaining it will also cost less. It has already shown promise in producing high-grade gold and with a little help from science and technical prowess, this could become a cost-effective and quick path to cash flow.

What will you bring to the table?

Knowledge and the Future.

The Winston Gold Corp has decades of acquired knowledge and experience on their hands which will be the deciding factor in turning this project into a success. The executive team consists of industry experts like Joseph Carrabba, the Executive Chairman, and major shareholder, having more than 40 years of experience in various leadership roles in different companies like Newmont, Cliffs Natural Resources, and Rio Tinto. Along with CEO Murray Nye whose communication skills and business acumen make him a great asset in a leadership position.

One of the reasons why the Custer Mine stopped previously was because they hit the water table while mining and the added expense made it less profitable when gold was $20 an ounce. We are in the process of acquiring a Ground to Water Discharge Permit to dewater the mine. They have decided on the strategy of “Drill for Structure” and then “Mine for Gold”. This method involves laying out the underground infrastructure first along the veins and then mine a bulk sample to determine the grade quality and best recovery methods for the gold. The drilling campaign will use this database as a guide to outlining resources more cost-effectively.

What will be the mining process?

Fast Track Development Strategy is something that a lot of companies tend to follow rather than Common Junior Exploration Strategy as it can provide quick profit turnaround if significant capital is invested. The veins are high-grade quartz fissure veins but are quite narrow along with its satellite veins. This nuggety vein system means that the gold would be clumped together into clots and drill holes would need to be done really closely and even then, a bulk sample would be needed to verify the resource.

What is Winston Gold Corp aiming for?

The project is close to starting production towards the end of the year. The mill is being tested and producing some concentrates and can start producing gold by that time as well. They are drilling 3-inch holes to the core and are analyzing the sample in their analytical lab that is equipped with really sophisticated equipment. Data from the lab and site are combined in creating a 3D geological model of the whole block and vein system on which experts can accurately make different calculations. This information is used to create a financial model that takes into consideration several scenarios for risk estimation and determining whether it will make a profit or not. If all goes well, Murray Nye, CEO of Winston Gold Corp expects gold production before the start of next year.