Water Company – OriginClear, Inc.’s (OTC: OCLN) ($OCLN) interview with Riggs Eckelberry, CEO


From the Nasdaq MarketSite studioKen Berenger, Executive Vice-President of OriginClear, Inc. (OTC: OCLN) ($OCLN) and Co-Creator of “Water On Demand™” speaks with New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King about the Company’s business of creating on-site water treatment and delivery systems for the industrial, commercial, and agricultural industries. Ken provides highlights of the Company’s most recent year-end financial report with extraordinary results from the Company’s 2021-22 operations. He tells viewers that these results could not have been met without the dedicated commitment from the OCLN team. A key success in the upward growth of the Company is from taking the Company’s Modular Water Systems™ and transferring that operation into the Water On Demand™ business platform. Joining both divisions now allows OCLN unlimited scalability as it can offer water technology solutions and financing options to end-users. The old government-run water treatment and delivery systems need about $1T in capital improvements, but the Company’s decentralized approach as “Water-as-a-Service” provider can give end-users immediate results at a fraction of the cost. The current water system treats water downstream; OCLN looks at upstream technology solutions, handling on-site treatments at the source, not later, downstream. Water demand is constantly increasing, with very limited industry innovation. Ken believes OCLN is a leader and the first business incubator in water technology solutions. OCLN is changing the understanding of the treatment and delivery of water. As an innovator as a Water-as-a Service provider, OCLN offers an end-user a sustainable alternative to outdated municipal systems. The interview will air on Newsmax, episode 461, April 29, 2023, at 3:30 PM ET and on the FOX Business Network, episode 463, May 01, 2023, at 10:30 PM PT. The on-screen QR code is available during the show to download more info or visit OriginClear, Inc. – https://www.originclear.com/.

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