Vulcan Forged CEO Jamie Thomson on New to the Street


Ana Berry’s interviews with Mr. Jamie Thomson, CEO at Vulcan Forge (CRYPTO: ) ($PYR), from his office in Greece. The history of Vulcan Forge started as a gaming studio company that eventually became a blockchain NFT metaverse entity. With very little competition, Vulcan Forge gives users a completely different experience than with typical VR (Virtual Reality) or computer-driven games. With Vulcan Forge’s first-of-its-kind Metaverse game, VulcanVerse, a Greco-Roman fantasy Metaverse, users can buy/sell land, swords, and other assets within this metaverse game. Jamie explains how their gaming clients own the assets and make money using the $PYR token. Because the blockchain records the ownership, the assets purchased, used, sold, or rented always belong to the users with no threat of losing those assets. The legacy gaming programs’ play-to-earn platforms fail, but Vulcan Forge requires users to contribute to the ecosystems blockchain program that allows sustainability. The Company’s token symbol PYR is from the ancient Greek word pyro, meaning “fire or heat.” Vulcan Forge positions itself to take advantage of the growing and evolving metaverse VR NFT platform.

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