Thoughtful Media Group’s (a Society Pass, Inc. Subsidiary) (NASDAQ: SOPA) interview with Doan Chu, Chief Growth Officer


New to The Street airs on Newsmax TV (Episode 447) and the FOX Business Network (Episode 448) its Thoughtful Media Group’sa Society Pass, Inc. subsidiary, (NASDAQ: SOPA) interview with Doan Chu, Chief Growth Officer. Talking with TV Host Jane King, Doan explains to viewers the business operations at Thailand-based Thoughtful Media Group. Founded in 2010 and considered a leading SE Asian multi-channel global digital marketing and social media influencer agency, the Company works with many social media platforms to create and monetize content. With four core divisions: multi-channel networks, premier digital marketing services, social commerce/influencer advertising, and sports marketing (coming soon to market), Thoughtful Media Group can offer its customers a turn-key solution for easy content creation and digital marketing solutions. The parent company, Society Pass, Inc., acquired Thoughtful Media Group in 2022, creating immediate synergies with the other SOPA subsidiaries. Doan talks about how each subsidiary can enhance and grow its digital sales footprint using Thoughtful Media Group’s digital ecosystem. And in turn, Thoughtful Media can leverage and maximize its content creations. Thoughtful Media Group is aggressively seeking strategic partnerships and acquisitions. Throughout S.E. Asia, digital marketing is a leading economic indicator, with many consumers shopping online. eCommerce entities see that paying for digital advertisements and social media postings is not enough to attract more customers. Thoughtful Media Group can develop a creative, digitally influenced brand campaign for its clients that uses short, interactive streaming videos showing engaged customers enjoying products and services. The onset of AI (Artificial Intelligence) creates new organic eCommerce marketing opportunities for many industries. Thoughtful Media Group positioned itself with its digital marketing ecosystems in helping its customers create targeted, interactive brand digital marketing platforms as AI eCommerce applications continue to grow. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Society Pass, Inc.-

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