TGI Solar Power Group, Inc.’s interview, Mr. Sam Epstein, Chief Operations Officer (COO)


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New to The Street T.V., welcome Mr. Sam Epstein, COO of TGI Solar Power Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS: TSPG), on this week’s show. Talking with TV Host Jane King, Mr. Epstein gives an overview of the Company’s first project in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, a sustainable community housing development with self-sustained solar power, organic farming, and water conservations/treatments. The Phase II construction of 700 homes, priced at $400,000 US each and 125 apartments, priced at $250,000 US each, remains ongoing in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Mr. Epstein talks about the government’s infrastructure projects that include new rail lines, which will provide a nearby public transportation station for community owners. Many US ex-pats, Mexicans, and other nationalities inquire about ownership, especially those who want a surrounding natural jungle, pristine diving, sports fishing, archeological sites, golfing, and country clubs. These owners, young and old, who are looking for a primary or secondary home, continue to contact TSPG for ownership in the community. Mr. Epstein explains that the Company continues forward to become a fully reporting entity with the USSEC. Once necessary filings and audited statements are completed, they will proceed with an up-listing of the Company stock. Upon completing the up-listing, management will seek a funding package, whereas the monies raised would expand the Company’s land holdings for future developments. With no debt and a market capitalization on the TSPG’s stock outstanding, currently, around $14M US, Mr. Epstein gives his value proposition on the Company going forward.

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