Sonar -Resonance Labs Ltd.’s interviews, Mr. Michael Wood, CFO, and Mr. Cristiano Troffei, (CIO)


Ana Berry welcomes back to New to The Street Mr. Michael Wood, CEO, and Mr. Cristiano Troffei, Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) at Sonar -Resonance Labs Ltd.‘s (CRYPTO: PING) ($PING) (“Sonar”). Cristiano explains the Sonar platform and what makes it uniquely different from competitors. The software application makes it a user-friendly experience, educating individuals and the users to obtain tools to grow as a crypto investor. Sonar’s technological design and friendly user experience came from Cristiano’s inspirations and influences from Apple products and his years of experience in technology designs and development. Michael talks about the “DYOR- Do Your Own Research,” which is very cumbersome without having access to Sonar’s information tools. Most due diligence for a crypto investor on coins, NFTs, and tokens can take many hours to visit multiple sites. Sonar brings a vast number of educational resources and financial tools as one application. As mass crypto adoption nears, having a basket of resources in one platform regarding blockchain reports, transactions, trade data, analytics, Defi access tools, and other essential matrices, Sonar’s real-time information is necessary for any crypto investor. Their crypto tracking dashboard with numerous functions gives excellent and reliable data, giving a crypto investor confidence to make informed and timely decisions.

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