Sonar – Resonance Labs interviews, Jacob Camilleri, CEO, and Elias Ad, Director of Education


This week TV Anchor Ana Berry welcomes Mr. Jacob Camilleri, CEO, and Mr. Elias Ad, Director of Education and Community Lead at Sonar -Resonance Labs Ltd (CRYPTO: PING) ($PING) (“Sonar”) to the New to The Street TV show. Jacob talks about the release of the educational platform and its wallet, which is a must for both new and experienced crypto traders. He explains that the main objective at Sonar is to provide a user experience that gives all necessary information about different tokens, NFTs, and coins. Sonar brings a vast number of educational resources and financial tools as one application. Elias talks about the need for a single source of educational information about the numerous mechanics and terminologies used in the crypto world. Accessing relevant information as a one-stop source platform regarding blockchain reports, transactions, trade data, analytics, Defi access tools, and other essential matrices are necessary to help individuals become confident about the cryptocurrency industry. He invited anyone to join the SonarYouTube Blockchain channel for blockchain educational teachings. The Company has other social platforms, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and quality information on its website, Anyone can download Sonar’s Beta platform to get acquainted with the ecosystem’s community and education tools.

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