SoMee Global, Inc.’s (“SoMee”) (CRYPTO: $SOMEE) (CRYPTO: $SAT) SoMee.Social interview with Dallas Collier, Director of Marketing


New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King, from the New York Stock Exchange studio, talks with Dallas Collier, Director of Marketing at SoMee Global, Inc. (“SoMee”) (CRYPTO: $SOMEE) (CRYPTO: $SAT). SoMee’s revolutionary social media platform, SoMee.Social, gives end-users complete control of their social media postings; controlling their data, maintaining their voice, and monetizing content and activities. The platform is censorship-resistant and content creations can earn reward payouts in crypto and cash. Dallas talks about how he became the Director of Marketing of SoMee. Before his current role, Dallas was the Director of Communications, where he maintained communication interactions with SoMee’s user community about operational and platform ongoings. Dallas approached the Company’s CEO, Christopher Kramer, with his ideas on improving the user experience on the platform. Now, as the Director of Marketing, Dallas works tirelessly with all the team members at SoMee to create and develop strategies to enhance the user experience and increase user participation on SoMee.Social. The Company had a great 2021 operational year with approximately $2M in revenues, but a problem occurred. The user demand was so great that the blockchain could not sustain itself. The Company developers updated the blockchain, and now in 2023, more end-users are joining the platform. SoMee.Social gives a Web 2.0 feeling on Web 3.0 blockchain ledger platform. Developers and end-users alike can monetize content and make money from posts. With control over data, end-user monetized content with native tokens, which can be converted into Ethereum and sold. The platform offers affiliate programs and premium content subscriptions that have enhanced features. Anyone can download the SoMee.Social app on iOS and Android. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit SoMee –

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