Solar Integrated Roofing, Inc.’s interviews, Mr. Pablo Diaz, President, and Mr. Troy Cylmer, COO.


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Solar Integrated Roofing, Inc.’s.(OTC: SIRC) Mr. Pablo Diaz, President, and Mr. Troy Cylmer, COO return to New to the Street for their NASDAQ in-studio interviews with Anchor Jane King. Both Pablo and Troy give updates on the extraordinary growth at SIRC in becoming a nationally recognized conglomerate in roofing, solar, batteries, and electric vehicles (E.V.s). Pablo provides his projections as revenues continue to move upwardly, and he explains the synergies amongst their subsidiaries which created new products and services. Troy talks about the Company finally completing its condensed consolidated financial audit statements for the fiscal year-end, allowing it to file a FORM 10 US SEC 1934 Exchange Act Registration Statement to become a US SEC fully reporting issuer. He looks forward to up-listing the Company’s stock onto the NASDAQ Market in the future. Because SIRC continues to attract talented individuals, including their newly appointed CEO, David Matthew Massey, the ecosystem at SIRC allows innovations to prosper. The Company did approximately $25.5M last quarter, which was more revenue than all last year.

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