Society Pass, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: SOPA) interview with Mr. Dennis Nguyen, Founder, CEO, and Chairman


This week, New to The Street TV interviews Mr. Dennis Nguyen, Founder, CEO, and Chairman at Society Pass, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOPA). Talking in-studio at the Nasdaq Marketplace with TV Anchor Jane King, Dennis explains the Company’s loyalty rewards program. With business operations primarily in Southeast Asia and South Asia, Society Pass seeks to grow its digital ecosystem, creating loyalty rewards from merchants and consumers based on millions of daily transactions. With multiple business verticals in fashion, travel, food/beverage, and media, the growth continues at SOPA. Dennis talks about the power of women holding key positions at the Company, whose workforce is 60% women. South and Southeast Asia are a demographic with over 720 million people, the median age of 26-32, and 70% technology integrations, a compelling market for Society Pass. The Company went public on Nasdaq in 2021, and Dennis explains the many fiduciary responsibilities in building the next-generation digital ecosystem. Viewers can expect future interviews with updates on SOPA’s customer loyalty and merchant participation using its ecosystem.]

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