Smart for Life, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: SMFL) interviews with A.J. Cervantes, Chairman/Founder, and Darren Minton, CEO.


New to The Street TV airs the in-studio Nasdaq Marketplace interviews with A.J. Cervantes, Chairman/ Founder, and Darren Minton, CEO at Smart for Life, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMFL). Smart for Life, Inc., a Nasdaq public company, is a global leader, developer, and marketer of nutrition and health/wellness products. A.J. Cervantes explains the many different health and wellness products produced at two California manufacturing locations. As an entity focusing on health and wellness, A.J. continues to look for opportunities in this space to acquire other product operations, in which include vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition offerings, health bars, and functional foods with profitable businesses. His strategy is to build a $100M revenue run rate through strategic acquisitions, all operating under Smart for Life, Inc. Darren Minton, the CEO, tells viewers about Smart for Life, Inc.’s brand awareness and the Company’s focus on acquiring larger entities. Smart for Life products sell at Costco, Walmart, Amazon, and directly online from the Company. Also, Smart for Life creates private label products, and Darren gives a couple of examples of such branded products that are currently in the market. Many of Smart for Life’s private label products are available in N. America, S. America, Europe, and Asia. Over the next 12 months, the Company believes it can close on more acquisitions, increase investor awareness, and launch comprehensive marketing campaigns. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Smart for Life, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMFL) –

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