SKYX Platforms Corp.’s (d.b.a- Sky Technologies) (NASDAQ: SKYX) interview with Rani Kohen, Founder.


New to The Street TV has Rani Kohen, Founder, SKYX Platforms Corp. (d.b.a- Sky Technologies) (NASDAQ: SKYX) ($SKYX) on the show talking to TV Host Jane King about the Company business. SKYX develops and produces disruptive proprietary safe lighting fixtures and smart home technologies. The Company, with 60 patents, has a mission to create products that install safely, simply, timely, and cost-effectively. Most standard electrical wiring for homes and businesses can take hours/days/weeks to complete. SKYX offers a “Plug-and-Play” approach to reducing time, effort, cost, and accidents. As a disruptive technology, a home light fixture or ceiling fan can be installed within minutes, most likely without contractors. The hardware/software is compatible with all fixture types. Rani explains the necessary approvals, almost like an FDA approval for drugs. When you are making products that use electricity, they need industry and organizational permissions. SKYX has the NEC (National Electrical Code) recognition, NEMA (National Electrical Manufactures Association), and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) approvals for its ceiling fan receptacle. G1 (Generation One) is the Company’s current project, the rollout of the installations of light fixtures for ceilings/walls and ceiling fans. G2 (Generation Two) is the subsequent platform rollout to create smart homes and building technologies. Since the Company’s products use low-voltage hardware, SKYX can add additional features to any of its products, including night lights, security lights, smoke/carbon dioxide detectors, and other unique features. Smart buildings and homes can take weeks/months to complete a wiring schematic and installing SKYX products takes a couple of days to weeks, depending on the structure’s size. The Company’s management, Board of Directors, and consultants are industry experts determined to make homes and buildings safe and smart. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit SKYX Platforms Corp. (d.b.a- Sky Technologies) –

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