Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd.’s Maninder Bhullar, Uwe Waldau, and Dr. Lim Boh Soon


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New to The Street T.V. welcomes Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd.’s (OTC: SUIC) on this week’s show. T.V. Anchor Jane King interviews the Company representatives, Mr. Maninder Bhullar, Strategic Group Advisor, Mr. Uwe Waldau, FinTech Advisor, and Dr. Lim Boh Soon, Advisor to the Board of Directors. With the Company’s world headquarters in New York, Mr. Bhullar explains the Company’s business being in two technological sectors, social research and development for new technology solutions for communities and businesses, and investments in core technology business concentrations in cloud computing, IoT-Internet of Things, mobile payments, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (A.I.). He explains the Company’s Midas Touch business ecosystem which brings together lenders and borrowers in decentralized finance (DeFi) smart contracts, using either the “Flash Pay” or “Fee Pay” options. The Midas Touch’s DeFi technology provides customers with a safer, stable, and convenient channel for funds. The Company’s Beneway – New Age Banking ecosystem, another SUIC revolutionary financial product, offers financial services in the new digital age of banking. The platform provides payment gateways, B2B customers, credit card issuers, and other legacy financial providers a real-time solution on DeFi methods on legacy transactions, eliminating typical bottlenecks on funding arrangements. Each can share the platform to effectuate funding more efficiently. Uniquely, SUIC brought financial products and services to life and filled the void in traditional banking and millions of unbanked people worldwide.

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