Sekur’s® “SPECIAL SEGMENT – Weekly Hack” with internet privacy expert Alain Ghiai


The “WEEKLY HACK – SPECIAL SEGMENT” with internationally acclaimed internet privacy expert Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO, Sekur®, a GlobeX Data, Ltd. (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SWIS) (FRA: GDT) division. New to The Street TV, Anchor Ana Berry and Alain talk about the recent hack of millions of NFTs from OpenSea, an NFT trading platform. Alain explains that the site’s attack and subsequent theft of NFTs came from a phishing attack that involved the use of ProtonMail account holders’ emails. These types of phishing occur because hackers monitor accounts, spy on email communications, and collect data, enabling the hacker to impersonate someone. The receive believes it’s a legitimate communication, later discovering it was a phishing attack. Even though ProtonMail has Swiss operations, their email platform is open source, just like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. The solution is Sekur, a fully encrypted technology with no open-source codes and whose servers are owned and operated with no third-party software. 100% guaranteed to protect and secure privacy from hacking threats, Sekur email/messenger offers subscribers tools and features, including self-destruct options. The Sekur send features allow email recipients who are not Sekur subscribers privacy features. Alain explains the email is currently a web-based email platform, but a self-sustained email app is coming in late March 2022 with a subscription rate of $7.00 a month with 100G usage. Remember GlobeX Data, Ltd. owns its servers, no third-party arrangements, no open-source codes, and no data mining, and the Company operates under Switzerland’s very tough privacy laws. Alain is back next with another “Weekly Hack” report. What are your privacy and data worth?

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