Sekur’s® “SPECIAL SEGEMENT” interview with internet privacy expert with Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO | Sept 19, 2021


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New to The Street airs a “SPECIAL SEGEMENT” about Sekur® (division of GlobeX Data, Ltd.) with the internationally acclaimed internet privacy expert, Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO. Talking with TV host Ann Berry, Alain enlightens the views with his “HACK of The WEEK,” giving another real-world problem in commonly used internet, texting, and video conferencing platforms used by millions worldwide. He explains on this week’s show about the evolution of encryption technology not keeping pace with the sophistication of the hackers, and the encryption technology gives a false sense of users’ security, and it is useless to protect one’s data. Whenever an app asks for your phone number, that is viewed a major RED-FLAG, because most hacks occur from a cell phone number. He explains that the Sekur® platform ask of no phone numbers of its subscribers and he gives other technical explanations on why GlobeX Data’s suite of products are superior in the cybersecurity war on data.

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