Sekur’s® (division of GlobeX Data Ltd) “SPECIAL SEGMENT” interview with internet privacy expert Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO


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New to The Street, once again airs the “SPECIAL SEGMENT” about Sekur® (a division of GlobeX Data, Ltd.) with the internationally acclaimed internet privacy expert, Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO. Talking with T.V. host Ann Berry, Alain enlightens the viewers with his “WEEKLY HACK,” giving another real-world problem with the commonly used internet, texting, and video conferencing platforms used by millions worldwide. This week, Alain talks about the “HACK” at Facebook’s Clubhouse application, exposing over 3.9 billion users’ data. He explains that these open-source platforms commonly used and available on the internet become a guaranteed place for data hacks by nefarious entities on the “Dark Web.” Facebook products and apps like “Whatsapp” are not safe. Most of these popular applications like Facebook don’t care about data preservations or securities; they want to mine and sell your data. Because subscribers sign an agreement on these FREE internet sites, most don’t read the release form, thus agreeing to have their data sold. Reducing your social footprint can reduce your chances of a data hack. Still, the proper resolution would be to subscribe on a monthly or yearly fee to SekurSuite® and Sekur® products for both individual and corporate uses. Sekur products operate through GlobeX Data’s HeliX technological platform in Switzerland, having very tough privacy laws. Alain gives an update about the Company’s soon-to-be-released Sekur Messenger app, which is not an open-source app and eliminates unwanted interruption commonly occurring on open-source messaging platforms. The show concludes with the following statement: “What is your privacy worth?”

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