Press Release PetVivo Expands Advisory Board With Stem Cell and Orthopedics Experts


Press Release PetVivo Expands Advisory Board With Stem Cell and Orthopedics Experts
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Monday, 10-09-2017


PetVivo Holdings, Inc. ( an emerging biomedical device company focused on the commercialization of innovative medical therapeutics for pets and people is pleased to announce that Robin R. Young and Michael P. Haider have joined the Company’s Advisory Board.

Mr. Young is currently Chief Executive Officer of RRY Publications LLC and PearlDiver Technologies, Inc. RRY Publications is the publisher of Orthopedics This Week and organizer of educational seminars on such topics as Stem Cell Therapies, Clinical Research Issues and New Healthcare Technologies. RRY Publications reaches approximately 200,000 healthcare professionals monthly. PearlDiver is a data mining company which is used by both academic and corporate researchers to conduct research. PearlDiver has been cited in more than 75 peer reviewed journal studies. Previously, Mr. Young spent twenty-five years as a medical technology analyst with such firms as Piper Jaffray, Stephens, Inc. and HealthPoint Capital.

Mr. Young has been a podium speaker at the Foundation for Orthopedic Research, International Society for Advancement Spine Surgery, Laser Spine Institute, Johnson & Johnson Global R&D Congress, The Vatican and the Cedars Sinai Surgeon Conference. His subject topics have included Spine Surgery, Future of Orthopedics, Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine and Allograft Surgical Products to name a few.

“PetVivo’s developing portfolio of advance biologic therapies is very exciting. I’m looking forward to contributing to the company’s development and success. The pace of medical innovation is accelerating and companies like PetVivo play a critical role in moving these important new technologies from the lab to the practitioner.”

Mr. Haider has over 40 years of medical business, finance and management experience, currently serving as the Co-Founder and CEO of CytoMedical Design Group LLC, a blood based stem cell research company. He previously served as the President and CEO of BioE LLC and BioE, Inc; President/Owner of Kodiak Restoration, a dental and medical equipment service company; Co-founder and President of PulseTrend, Inc., an ambulatory blood pressure device manufacturer; and as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of PPT Vision, a producer of machine vision technologies. Prior to these endeavors, Mr. Haider held a variety of corporate finance positions at Medtronic, Inc., a leading provider of medical devices.

Mr. Haider and the companies he has led have been named one of the Twin Cities-based Finance and Commerce’s “Innovators of The Year”, received the Minnesota Tekne Award in the Emerging Biotechnology category and a Twin Cities Business, Biosciences Success Story. Since 2009, he has served as a member of National Marrow Foundation (“Be the Match”), New Technology Council and for the past decade he has been an annual presenter of stem cell business strategies to the University of Minnesota School of Pharmacy.

“I am pleased for the opportunity to contribute my business and technical experience to help the commercial success of PetVivo’s exciting technologies and new Kush product line. I am looking forward to working with the terrific team Wes and John are putting together, stated Mr. Haider.

“I have known Robin Young for over three generations. During that time, I have always been fascinated with his achievements. I am looking forward to his continued support and contributions. Mike Haider and I ran into each other quite by accident several years ago in London, England. It was only after conversing a while did we discover that we were both from Minnesota. Mike and Robin have decades of experience in regenerative medicine, more specifically stem cells. It is a privilege to have them working with us,” Said PetVivo’s CEO, Wes Hayne.

About PetVivo Holdings, Inc.
PetVivo Holdings Inc. (OTCPINK: PETV) is an emerging biomedical device company focused on the licensing and commercialization of innovative medical devices for pets and pet therapeutics. PetVivo is leveraging investments made in the human medical device industry to commercialize therapeutics for pets in a capital and time efficient way. A key component of this strategy is the accelerated timeline to revenues for veterinary medical devices, which enter the market much earlier than the more stringently regulated pharmaceuticals.
PetVivo’s strategy is to commercialize proprietary products from human medical device companies specifically for the companion animal market. The company’s product pipeline includes seventeen animal and human therapeutics. A portfolio of twenty patents protects the company’s products, production processes and biomaterials. PetVivo’s lead product, a veterinarian-administered joint injection for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs, is scheduled for launch later this year.
The Company will also be seeking licensing partners to commercialize its portfolio of proprietary human clinical therapeutics in large market sectors, including: cardiovascular, orthopedic, urology and aesthetics.
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