PetVivo Holdings, Inc. Provides Shareholders Update


PetVivo Holdings, Inc. Provides Shareholders Update
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MINNEAPOLIS, May 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PetVivo Holdings, Inc. (OTCMarkets:PETV), an emerging biomedical device company focused on the commercialization of innovative medical devices and therapeutics for pets is very pleased to provide an update to our shareholders.

The management of PetVivo is excited to report a number of significant, advances since our last letter to shareholders. Advancements are in all areas of the company.

PetVivo, Inc. (PETV) has brought over two years of quarterly and year-end audits forward and filed with the SEC. A special thank you to everyone that worked on this massive effort to complete this task over seven months. Also, in our finance area, we are pleased to announce the addition of Mr. John Carruth as Controller. John worked as a senior accountant for Super Valu and before that with Prime Therapeutics. He will be setting up all the accounting software and procedures for the expected sales launch.

Commercial production is under way at Elite Solutions in Rochester, Minnesota with first product almost completed. There have been a couple of small delays that has moved our product launch out to May 8th. A special thanks to our Chief Science Officer, Randy Wenthold and Lab/Production Manager, Donna Paddock. Along with additional personnel from Elite, Randy and Donna have been putting in long days, back to back, to bring this project home.

Distribution has been set up for the first phase of the launch with five distributors covering twelve states. In addition, Ms. Cassandra Dwyer has joined the Company as our Veterinary Clinician. She will be available from the home office to answer questions that Vets and Vet Technicians may have about the Kush ™ System. Expectations are high among veterinarians that have heard about the product, some having used it successfully in the previous testing phase. Marketing materials are being prepared to be shipped out for our representative’s use. Additional support will be available for the vets from our clinician (in the hiring phase), who will be available to communicate the details of the “Kush™ System”.

On the cyber side of things, PetVivo has formed a great alliance with Technology Warrior, Rod Rotzien who has performed our IT work for the last year. In addition, he has set up servers and will be taking responsibility for hosting our websites in the future. Morgan Reynolds commonly referred to as Captain Morgan, from “Beyond the Trend” will be handling the redesign and expansion of our website along with some very important branding. Rod and Morgan make a great team representing us in the world of social media. We are excited to have them working with us.

The next few months should be exciting watching the sales effort unfold. Our goal is to not only make the “Kush ™ System” a common term among veterinarians, but a common treatment.

We want to continue to thank all of our shareholders for your support.


Wesley C. Hayne
Chief Executive Officer

Wes Hayne
PetVivo Holdings, Inc.
Main: 952-405-6216
Direct: (763) 443-7272

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