Pennexx Foods, Inc.’s (OTC: PNNX) interview, Vincent Risalvato, CEO


This week, New to The Street TV Anchor Jane King brings back Mr. Vincent Risalvato, CEO of Pennexx Foods, Inc. (OTC: PNNX), for another in-studio NASDAQ Marketplace interview. Mr. Risalvato updates viewers about the Company’s business web platform, (YSO). The website redefines how easily social media can create growth potential and capitalize on the billion-dollar social media marketplace. YSO offers coupons, discounts, and cashback rewards on locally and nationally brands. Groups and individuals can share discounts on brands and services, creating a viral demand for products and services. Vincent explains the ease of use for both buyers and sellers. When a seller wants to make a coupon, it involves many steps, and 3rd parties can instantly make a coupon and distribute it to the YSO subscribers. Any large to small business can make offers on the platform. Shoppers can enjoy the many local and national discounts and use the available cashback reward. Vincent tells Jane that he has seen cashback rewards higher than 10% on particular brands. Shoppers can get a cashback reward debit card or in Bitcoin. The Company expects to launch its token, YSO, a blockchain where all customers and sellers share in reward programs. The Company publicly trades under the symbol OTC: PNXX, and management expect to see continued growth in social media, prepaid debit cards, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, targeted marketing, and consumer rewards.

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