Pennexx Foods, Inc.’s (OTC: PNNX) interview, Mr. Vincent Risalvato, CEO.


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This week, New to The Street T.V. Anchor Jane King welcomes Mr. Vincent Risalvato, CEO of Pennexx Foods, Inc. (OTC: PNNX), for his in-studio NASDAQ interview. Talking to viewers, Mr. Risalvato explains the Company’s businesses in social media, prepaid debit cards, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, targeted marketing, and consumer rewards. The Company’s web platform (YSO), provides unique, cost-effective award programs for consumers and targeted merchant offerings. Vincent explains how easily the program works for both customers and merchants while utilizing the power of social media. YSO allows everyone to participate in a program offering, prospering in the deals and rewards that everyone finds, earns, uses, and shares. Soon, YSO expects to launch an awards program based on Bitcoin, whereas opt-in subscribers can earn cryptocurrency from a merchant. He sees an extraordinary opportunity to build engagements that benefit merchants and consumers alike.

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