Pawtocol’s (CRYPTO: UPI) ($UPI) interview with Mr. Colin Jordan, CEO.


Mr. Colin Jordan, CEO at Pawtocol (CRYPTO: UPI) ($UPI), is back in-studio at the Nasdaq Marketplace for another interview with New to Street TV Host Jane King. Pawtocol uses blockchain technology to assist and create better lives for pets and pet owners. Colin tells viewers that Pawtocol’s “Pet Fund” successfully sent $1000 worth of $UPI tokens to five animal shelters/rescue organizations in Arizona, expanding the fund’s charitable contributions to shelters in California. The “Pet Fund” is a blockchain-powered fund dedicated to helping animals in need; a portion of Pawtocol’s monthly revenue goes to the fund for the cause. Colin is passionate about both football and pets, which explains the sponsorships for the upcoming college football season 2022. In October, the University of Central Florida is a Pawtocol Sponsor for its home game with the University of Cincinnati. And a second sponsorship came from the University of Arizona for a home game with the University of Mississippi (“Ole Miss”) on September 10, 2022. Pawtocol expects football sponsorships to promote its brand and animal rescue/shelter awareness. Stadium banner displays, QR codes, and even the coin toss will feature Pawtocol’s logo at these football games. 18-35 is the demographic of Pawtocol’s community ecosystem, and these college games are a great venue to build the Pawtocol brand and pet awareness needs. Pawtocol is launching “PETSY,” an online platform for individuals and small businesses who want to sell goods and services that cater to pets. Commerce on “PETSY” will utilize the $UPI token for payments. Once deployed as a product offering, the Pawtocol “Pet Tag” can collect health and other data on pets. Colin wants to expand the data collections, making data decentralized where the pet owner controls and owns that data. The Pawtocol ecosystem using its UPI blockchain token, is committed to the needs of pets and their owners. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Pawtocol –

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