Pawtocol UPI Token Listed on Coinbase and Huobi, Two of World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges


Pawtocol, creator of the world’s first pet platform powered by blockchain technology, today announced their native utility token UPI (Universal Pet Income) has officially been listed on two of the industry’s leading international cryptocurrency exchanges – Coinbase and Huobi. UPI went live on both Coinbase and Huobi earlier this week, February 8th 2022, allowing users to purchase the token via USD and other popular cryptocurrencies. As a part of the launch, both Coinbase and Huobi indicated that they will offer UPI – Tether (USDT) in the near future.

These listings showcase the strong level of market support for both the Pawtocol platform and its utility token, UPI. With these new listings, UPI will now be available to more than 350M global users that are annually trading over $3 trillion across both platforms.

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