Optium Cyber Systems Welcomes Brigadier General (Retired) Mark G. Beesley to Advisory Board


Optium Cyber Systems Welcomes Brigadier General (Retired) Mark G. Beesley to Advisory Board
Jan 31, 2018
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THE WOODLANDS, TX, Jan. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Optium Cyber Systems, Inc. (the “Company”) (OTC:OCSY) is pleased to announce that Brigadier General (Retired) Mark G. Beesley has been appointed to the Company’s Board of Advisors. General Beesley will be responsible for spearheading the development and marketing of the Company’s cyber security platform for the defense industry.

“I am pleased and honored to lend my abilities and networks to Optium Cyber Systems Inc. as they establish and develop the global standard for cyber security,” stated General Beesley. “Cyber security is a must for operations of all companies and individuals today and forever in the future. I am excited about the development involved and on-going future that has been laid out for Optium Cyber Systems. Every day great attention must be paid to operating on the global web in order to protect an individual and a company’s operations and reputation. It is not sufficient to adapt after the fact of a cyber breach. Individuals and companies must stay ahead of those who mean harm to a company’s ability to operate and conduct commerce and operations,” concluded General Beesley.

“We are very proud to have Brigadier General Beesley join our esteemed Board of Advisors,” commented George Rutherford, President of Optium Cyber Systems, Inc. “We will be looking to him to oversee our entry into the very lucrative defense industry. We could not ask for a better suited and more accomplished representative for our company,” continued Mr. Rutherford.

About Brigadier General (Retired) Mark Beesley

Brigadier General (Retired) Mark Beesley has over thirty years of proven leadership including project management, financial cost analysis, budgeting, innovation, and personnel management. He has a diverse background with military personnel, government civil servants and companies serving the Department of Defense. He has a complete understanding of the Department of Defense Biannual Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System processes. General Beesley was a fighter pilot with 3,000 plus flying hours in the F-15C Eagle, the F-l5E Strike Eagle, and the F-I6 Fighting Falcon aircraft. He is also a space, national missile defense and command control center certified expert.

General Beesley was solely responsible for configuration control in the air operations center for two democratic allied countries, the United States and South Korea. He led the United States and South Korean militaries in the development of a strategic air campaign plan that supported the combatant commander of the US forces, Korea. This air campaign plan still serves as the principal basis for the United States and South Korean offensive air and space operations against North Korea should the need ever arise.

General Beesley holds a secret security clearance with the United States government.

About Optium Cyber Systems, Inc.

OCSI has developed a proprietary process to analyze, identify and address cyber security vulnerabilities in an organization’s critical IT infrastructure which is scalable to any size organization in any industry. OCSI is a publicly traded company having its common shares quoted on the OTC Markets under the symbol “OCSY”.

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