Optium Cyber Systems Announces Results of First Cyber Vulnerability Assessments Setting New Industry Standard


November 16, 2017 10:04 ET

Optium Cyber Systems Announces Results of First Cyber Vulnerability Assessments Setting New Industry Standard
THE WOODLANDS, TX–(Marketwired – Nov 16, 2017) – Optium Cyber Systems, Inc. (OTC PINK: OCSY) announces today that it has completed its initial engagement to perform a Cyber Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) on a hospital facility in Texas.
The CVA identified over 9,000 vulnerabilities and 225 cyber breaches per bed within the 40-bed facility.
“We are very excited to see just how well our proprietary methodology worked in a complex environment,” commented Doug Binenti, CTO of Optimum Cyber Systems. “The results of our first client CVA exceeded even our expectations and we are now setting new industry standards for critical cyber analysis.”
It was discovered during the CVA that a patient’s clinical information was deleted from the hospital’s Electron Health Record systems and replaced with incorrect information by an outside source. The overseeng physicians were not aware that a breach had occurred and that the patient’s records had been changed, resulting in a misdiagnosis with the patient being sent home. The patient was soon readmitted with Sepsis shock requiring surgery costing in excess of $50,000.
“Conducting a CVA is critical for every medical institution,” stated Mark R. Anderson, a member of the Optium Cyber System’s Advisory Board. “Cyber-criminals are looking for any means to gain access to patient data. The results from this initial engagement prove that the CVA developed by Optium Cyber Systems has the ability to detect and identify weaknesses in an institutions network environment allowing IT staff to address any vulnerabilities. In just this test alone, OCSI was able to detect over 9,000 vulnerabilities and 225 potential cyber breaches per bed. The risk to patients is tremendous and so is the potential financial damage to the targeted hospital,” continued Mr. Anderson.
Not only are hospital and medical facilities facing the potential of financial ruin as a result of a major cyber breach, but executives and board member are now potentially liable. Directors & Officers Liability Insurance traditionally does not cover damages due to a cyber breach without a detailed CVA study.
“Hospital executives and board members cannot bury their heads in the sand,” commented Michael Rutherford, CEO, Optium Cyber Systems, Inc. “They must be aware of the potential losses a cyber breach represents and take the necessary steps to protect their institution and their patients. They must be proactive and address the threat of a cyber infiltration. The first step in this process is to identify the vulnerabilities in their IT environment by running a CVA,” continued Mr. Rutherford.
“This is an exciting day,” exclaimed Mark Anderson. “For years we have had HIPAA studies, but now we have a comprehensive Healthcare Cyber Vulnerability Assessment specifically designed to help protect hospitals from Cyber criminals. Executives and decision makers of these facilities should sit up and take notice,” continued Mr. Anderson.
About Mark R. Anderson, CPHIMS, FHIMSS
Mark Anderson is a former Chief Information Officer for 5 Healthcare Integrated Delivery Networks, an interim CFO and CEO of Rural Hospitals, is one of the nation’s premier healthcare futurists and is one of the leading national speakers on healthcare who has spoken at over 1,000 conferences and meetings since 2000. Mr. Anderson has spent the last 43+ years focusing on healthcare — not just technology questions, but strategic, policy, and organizational considerations. Mr. Anderson has extensive experience in health care redesign and organizational restructuring along with a comprehensive background in start-up and replacement of multi-facility health information platforms, including financial, clinical, managed care and decision support systems. He tracks industry trends, conducts member surveys, publishes case studies, assesses best practices, and performs benchmarking studies, and evaluates over 70 product categories within healthcare that are offered by more than 500 software, RCM, and Value Based Reimbursement (VBR) vendors that are in the care Coordination and Population Health Marketplace. Mr. Anderson specializes in the evaluation, selection, and ranking of vendors in the VBR, RCM, HIE, and PMS/EHR hospital and physician healthcare marketplace. Annually he publishes a detailed report on VBR, HIE, and PMS/HER software product functional, usability, and company viability. This evaluation decision tool has been used by more than 25,000 physicians, more than 20 ACOs/IPAs, and over 200 Hospitals since 2002. Additionally, Mr. Anderson has conducted more than 400 PMS/EHR searches, selections, and contract negotiations for small physician offices to large IPA since 2003. More than 500 healthcare organizations worldwide have approached their most critical IT challenges with the help of trusted advisors like Mr. Anderson. For his healthcare physician clients, he provides independent advisory and consultative services designed to assist physicians and hospitals in evaluating and selecting technology to enable the creation of the “The Digital Medical Office of the Future”. For his Hospital clients, Mr. Anderson conducts operational reviews, technology selections, and assists in development of long range plans. Mr. Anderson has also been an “Expert Witness” on more than 10 legal cases since 2010. These legal cases involve Hospitals and Physicians suing software vendors for Fraud, Malpractice cases affected by healthcare software, and legal cases between healthcare related vendors. Besides serving at the CEO of AC Group, Mr. Anderson served as the Interim CEO/CFO of Doctors Diagnostic Hospital, interim CIO for the Taconic IPA, VP of healthcare for META Group, Inc., the Chief Information Officer (CIO) with West Tennessee Healthcare, the Corporate CIO for the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Health System, the Corporate Internal IT Consultant with the Sisters of Providence (SOP) Hospitals, and the Executive Director for Management Services for Denver Health and Hospitals and Harris County Hospital District. His experience includes 15+ years as a Hospital CIO, 20+ years working with physician offices, 7 years in the development of physician-based MSOs and IPAs, 17 years with multi-facility Health Care organizations, 15 years Administrative Executive Team experience, 6 years as a member of the Corporate Executive Team, and 9 years in healthcare turnaround consulting. Mr. Anderson received his BS in Business, is completing his MBA in Health Care Administration, and is a Fellow with HIMSS.
“The credibility of a hospital system is dependent on how well they protect patients and patient data from cybersecurity intrusions,” stated Mark Anderson, member of the newly created Board of Advisory for Optium Cyber Systems, Inc. “It is imperative for a medical facility’s executive team to understand what the risks are and how to protect patients and patient data. Based on my evaluation and experience working with over 250 hospitals, Optium Cyber Systems, Inc. is the one program every hospital needs,” added Mr. Anderson.
About Optium Cyber Systems, Inc.
Optium Cyber Systems, Inc. (OCSI) has developed a proprietary process to analyze, identify and address cyber security vulnerabilities in an organization’s critical IT infrastructure which is scalable to any size organization in any industry. OCSI has recently launched in the health care sector, focusing on protecting health care facilities including hospitals, nursing homes and doctor’s offices from cyberthreats such as the manipulation of medical devices or theft of patient records. OCSI is a publicly traded company having its common shares quoted on the OTC Markets under the symbol “OCSY”.
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