NewToTheStreet to Broadcast Show 140 featuring ,, Electroneum and JD Coin


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 23, 2020 / New To The Street “Exploring The Block” is pleased to be broadcasting on Bloomberg Saturday 10/23 6 PM est. Featuring (FET), (ONG), JD Coin (JDC), and Electroneum.

This being show Number one hundred forty for ” New To The Street” spanning over 10 years covering top business content for the largest television networks on the globe stated Creator and Co-Founder Vince Caruso.

In addition to Bloomberg broadcast, Saturday, this show will also broadcast in its entirety on Fox Business Network Monday, October 26th, at 10:30 pm PST. is broadcasting its fourth interview and scheduled to film its fifth in series in the upcoming weeks. is speaking with Jane King and introducing partner Datarella.
“Our field trials program will be proving’s capabilities across smart infrastructure, mobility, hospitality, and trading. Our tech stack is ready to build on, and we are looking forward to showing the outcome of our collaboration with Datarella and infrastructure in the City of Munich. These programs will demonstrate the power of a decentralized, open-source multi-agent AI system, powered by the $FET token,” Stated Humayun Sheikh CEO.

Somee.Social (ONG) will be appearing in their fifth interview.

“We are happy to be working with Bitboy Crypto @Bitboy_Crypto, Jason Appleton (Crypto Crow)@Jason Appleton, and Wendy O@CryptoWendyo. We are pleased with the interview given and couldn’t agree more with what they said regarding censorship as a company. At SoMee, we value freedom of speech and freedom of choice – we want to be a home for content creators. Our core values are Control, Privacy, and monetization for our users.” Stated Chris Kramer, CEO, and Founder.

JD Coin’s interview features Doctor Singh, the CEO.

JD Coin, based out of the USA, kicked off its success journey in April 2018 with a simple yet challenging mission of creating a secure process of trading, designed for mass adoption with industry-leading transaction speeds. JD coin is coming up with the next generation blockchain aiming to resolve the problems carried away with the previous generations of blockchain.

Blockchain 4.0 is poised to solve the issues of the previous generations of blockchain in a more structured & scalable manner with the help of AI, ML, Data Compression, Sharding, and many other advanced technologies.

JD Coin is paving its way to take the crypto industry by a storm by leading us to better and faster version of technology to address real-world problems in a more practical and cost-effective manner. Addressing the crucial component of consensus algorithm in any blockchain system which determines its performance and security, JD Coin is working on a multi-layered consensus algorithm such as a combination of POS (Proof of Stake) and POH (Proof of History) or POR (Proof of Reputation), etc., will help in providing a solution for varied application scenarios with an ability to run in a small footprint on devices.

The consumer-friendly JD Company is built for practical, real-world use cases where traders need no prior trading experience. JD Coin is leading us to a world of faster processing and sustainable technology, Stated Doctor Singh CEO.

Electroneum (ETN) with Richard Ells steering the ship states he is looking forward to seeing the second part of their 3 part series aimed at bringing in more users to Electroneum and its global freelance platform., AnyTask.

‘We expect to showcase AnyTask ( ) to a wider audience. AnyTask was recently launched and already being recognized as better than most leading platforms according to the buyers/users who have compared it to other websites that offer the same service, stated Richard Ells CEO.

Additionally, management is excited to be filming Zynecoin’s first interview of their 12 Part series next week for November broadcasts.

Zynecoin: Unleashing the Immense Potential of the African Economy

The world is experiencing a time like never. We are in the grip of a pandemic, and nation-states have no playbook for facing this situation. However, humankind is resilient, it is only a matter of time before the world gets back on its feet, though it may stagger along the way. Another thing is for sure too. In the economic upheaval, paradigms shall shift and force the world’s country to a similar starting point – giving a chance for emerging markets to rise.

There is no doubt once the global economic lockdown is lifted, the primary driver of the new economic engine will be Africa’s emerging markets.

The African economy has been hailed as a potential site for investment for decades. Several prestigious organizations have indicated the huge potential for growth that the African economies have. It is funny that the continent that birthed our human civilization is going to birth a new world economy.

Also filming next week is with Guido J.P. van Stijn.

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