New to the Street 466 | Bloomberg TV Thursday, May 11, 2023


1). InsurTech Company – Reliance Global Group, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: RELI) (NASDAQ: RELIW) ($RELI) interview with Grant Barra, Senior Vice-President Operations.

2). Molecular Tracking/Tracing – SMX (Security Matters), PLC.’s (NASDAQ: SMX) ($SMX) interviews with Haggai Alon (“H”), Founder/Executive Director/CEO.

3). Quantum Computing- Quantum Computing, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: QUBT) ($QUBT) interviews with Robert Liscouski, President, CEO/Chairman, and Hunter Gaylor, Co-host, New to The Street.

4). “Game Changers Segment” – WarpSpeed Taxi, Inc.‘s (OTC: WRPT) ($WRPT) (“WarpSpeed”) interview with Hunter Gaylor, WRPT’s spokesperson and New to The Street TV Co-Host.

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