New to the Street 298 on Newsmax TV | January 30, 2022


New to The Street’s  298th TV show line-up, features eight (8) interviews of the following Companies and their businesses’ representatives:

1). Danavation Technologies Corp.’s (CSE: DVN) (OTCQB: DVNCF) interview, Mr. John Ricci, Chairman, CEO, and President.

2). Epazz, Inc.’s (OTCPINK: EPAZ) interview, Mr. Michael Manahan, Vice-president Communications.

3). GlobeX Data, Ltd.’s (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SWIS) (FRA: GDT) interview, Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO.

4). Cryptocurrency – Abra’s  (CRYPTO: CPRX) ($CPRX) interview, Mr. Bill Barhydt, CEO.

5). GTX Corp’s (OTCPINK: GTXO) interview, Mr. Partrick Bertagna, CEO.

6). Rego Payments Architectures, Inc.’s. (OTCQB: RPMT) interviews, Mr. Rick Lane, Advisor, and Ms. Kathy Copcutt, Lifestyle Parenting Expert.

7). GOLD – Glint Pay’s interview, Mr. Jason Cozens, CEO.

8). Sekur’s® (a division of GlobeX Data, Ltd) “SPECIAL SEGMENT – Weekly Hack” interview, internet privacy expert Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO.

This week, New to The Street TV interviews Mr. John Ricci, Chairman, CEO, and President, Danavation Technologies Corp. (OTCQB: DVNCF) (CSE: DVN). Talking with TV Anchor Jane King, Mr. Ricci updates this Canadian-based Internet of Things (IoT) technology and smart label company. He talks about the Company’s recent business in Mexico from a relationship with Unoretail that installed Digital Smart Labels™ into Impulsora, Mexico’s largest electrical and lighting equipment distributor. The partnership with Unoretail represents Danavation’s first entry into Mexico. John explains that the best way to enter new markets is to find locally established and trusted businesses, like Unoretail, that easily roll out products into their established markets. He talks about a similar relationship for product roll-out in Bermuda. Finding synergistic relationships in new markets offers the Company the ability to grow its smart label business. John introduces Company’s new Digital Smart Blade, which can give retailers a marketing tool that offers air-time fees on promoted brands, update brands and promos, and changes prices during peak buying times. Because the blade is 2-sided, retailers can offer more products, making more revenues. For more about their DSL solutions, go to the Company website,

Mr. Mike Manahan, Vice-president Communications at Epazz, Inc. (OTCPINK: EPAZ), sits down with New to The Street TV Anchor Jane King to get an update about corporate ongoings. Mike gives viewers a history of Epazz, Inc. on how they convert legacy systems into software blockchain cloud products which the Company sells to fortune 500 companies, large and small businesses, governmental offices, and educational entities. The newest evolutionary product development focuses on the metaverse industry, using the Company’s flagship software technology, DeskFlex, to create Metaverse Virtual Office. Unlike video conferencing meetings or conferences held in a 2-dimensional context, the DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Office will display 3D objects with individual avatar creations for a VR office meeting or conference. Since headsets are bulky and expensive, Mike told viewers Epazz is developing an inexpensive, lightweight VR headset. Technological advancements allow Epazz to create and distribute unique high-tech products and solutions, helping a multitude of businesses to be competitive.

Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO at GlobeX Data, Ltd. (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SWIS) (FRA: GDT), talks to New to Street TV Anchor Jane King about the Company’s Sekur® solutions, designed to eliminate cybersecurity issues for both individuals and businesses. Alan talks and references a recently published report that cyber-attacks increased 60% in 2021, with expected increases in 2022. The report further explained that well-known corporations and organizations had approximately 945 cyber breach attempts per week per entity. The report revealed that many businesses use the “Apache” servers, a popular open-source web server, which appears to be vulnerable to hacking attempts. GlobeX Data Ltd doesn’t use “Apache” servers, and it owns its servers. The hacking problem is not going away, a top-down problem from the largest corporations to the individual users. The Sekur® products, with its proprietary HeliX technology and other encryption solutions, can eliminate hacks. With no request for phone numbers, no open-source platform, no Microsoft Office 360, no shared servers, never selling or mining data, GlobeX Data, Ltd. can offer cybersecurity solutions for a monthly fee. Alain tells viewers that Globex Data sales continue to grow, and its managerial internal financial projections remain ahead of actual expectations. With only about a 5% subscriber cancellation rate, Alain believes that forthcoming new product launches could decrease the churn rate to around 3%. As an added protection to subscribers, GlobeX Data Ltd operates its internet platforms and security businesses under the country of Switzerland’s very tough privacy laws.

New to The Street TV Anchor Jane King’s interview with Abra’s  (CRYPTO: CPRX) ($CPRX), Mr. Bill Barhydt, CEO. He explains Abra’s crypto banking and wealth management platform to Anchor Jane King and the viewers. Bill describes how account holders can buy, trade, borrow and earn interest on crypto transactions. With clients in over 100 countries, Abra’s crypto-centric focus gives access to an ease-of-use platform, which can make users up to 13% interest on USD stablecoins. Since its inception 6-years ago, Bill explains that in the last 13-months, account holders increased 10X, Company employs over 100 people, and controls over $1B in assets. The evolution of the crypto markets gives individuals opportunities to make investment decisions that significantly differ from traditional stock market trades. The abra platform, which trades 24/7, provides account holders with a straightforward approach to crypto purchases and financial transactions available in over 100 of the most popular coins. Bill invites everyone to Abra, downloading the app from the website,

Mr. Patrick Bertagna, CEO of GTX Corp (OTCPINK: GTXO), joins New to The Street TV’s Anchor Jane King for an interview. Patrick gives a brief overview of the Company’s mission that focuses on health and safety products. Through three very distinct business divisions – tracking and monitoring solutions, distributing / manufacturing medical supplies, and intellectual property licensing, GTX Corp sells goods and services in over 35 countries. The Company’s GPS SmartSole®, as seen on the TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” is a GPS tracker hidden and sealed within a shoe insert, a great product for those with cognitive memory disorders. The Company sells masks, gloves, sanitizers, and UV products to medical facilities, medical providers, government entities, and directly to consumers, and whenever possible, make these products in the USA. The Company will license its intellectual property assets and patents. Patrick lets viewers know that a lot of what GTX sells and produces qualifies for insurance reimbursements.

New to The Street TV again airs Anchor Jane King’s interviews with Mr. Rick Lane, Advisor, and Ms. Kathy Copcutt, Lifestyle Parenting Expert of talk about Rego Payment Architectures, Inc. (OTCQB: RPMT) (“REGO”), a neo-bank and privacy-first fintech platform Company for commercial and individual online and in-store wallet applications. Mr. Lane explains the rise in the adoption rates since the Mazoola digital wallet app launched in November 2021. Mazoola super digital wallet app, a privacy-first platform, is independently COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) certified, ensuring children’s privacy at all times. Kathy Copcutt, a lifestyle parenting expert, compares the Mazoola and Venmo wallets. She explains that the best feature and the most significant difference is that REGO’s Mazoola never collects data on children and provides children finance educational and charity contribution tools. Mazoola is currently the only digital banking solution that puts privacy first and helps teach kids essential financial management skills. The Mazoola app makes it fun for children to learn and teach financial literacy and is available for download for iOS and Google Android. Rick offered viewers the chance for parents to download the Mazoola wallet, and REGO will deposit $10.00 into your child’s account. He reminds viewers they can use the Mazoola super digital wallet app “FREE” for 12-months-

Again, this week’s show airs the interview with Mr. Jason Cozens, Glint Pay CEO and New to The Street TV Anchor Jane King. Jason updates about the growth at Glint Pay. He talks about the recently launched Glint Pay Financial Advisory portal, which offers financial wealth managers the tools to manage clients’ discretionary accounts, selling, saving, and spending in GOLD. As a fully transparent and assessable portal, both the financial managers and the Glint Pay clients can see holdings and make decisions. Before this one-of-a-kind app became available, paying for goods/services with GOLD was not possible. Now, anyone can apply for an account, and upon KYC (Know Your Customer) approval, account owners can buy, sell, save, spend, and send GOLD holdings with minimal fees. The relationship between Glint Pay and Mastercard gives account holders access to millions of establishments and ATMs which accept Mastercard. This fantastic and innovative fintech app, developed exclusively by Glint Pay, is registered in 37 countries, including the US, UK, and Europe. As of this broadcast, there are 90,000+ Glint Pay account holders in over 200+ countries, and the Company processed over $300M transactions in GOLD. Jason explains that creating a new fintech product with a GOLD ecosystem gives account holders a unique financial product not found with legacy financial institutions and banks. GOLD is a stored value of wealth, hedge against inflationary price pressures, and risk protection asset. Download the app so that you can buy, save, spend, and send real GOLD and Fiat currencies digitally with Glint.

New to The Street airs the “WEEKLY HACK – SPECIAL SEGMENT” about Sekur®, a  GlobeX Data, Ltd. division, with the internationally acclaimed internet privacy expert, Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO. This week Alain talks with Anchor Ana Berry about the types of internet targets hackers seek out. With elections cycles in the USA and Europe, Alain sees these political websites and spam mailings campaigns as targets. People will click emails that focus on someone’s interests, like politics, medical issues, Covid, and other specific topics, and then hackers get access. If not encrypted, VPN (Virtual Private Networks) is a vulnerable target. Microsoft Exchange Online (EOL), especially the older version, is another favorite for the nefarious hackers. Even with patch updates, EOL is still not secure. As a leader in Swiss hosted private and secure communications and data management, GlobeX Data constantly monitors its platforms. Recently, a free subscriber decided to use the Sekur email 7-day trial period as their spam platform. Alain told viewers that Sekur is proactive in preventing and blocking spam and instituted new restrictions. The changes protect the legitimate subscribers and the reputation at GlobeX Data. Globex can minimize or eliminate “Dark Web” intrusions using its very sophisticated AI programs to detect issues. Alain reminds viewers to use different emails for different reasons, and the Sekur platform is still available for free. It limits the number of emails sent, eliminating a potential spam source. Alain’s solution for year-round protection, get the Sekur® email and messenger for only $10.00 per month. What is the price of your privacy worth?

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