New to the Street 258 | January 2, 2022 on Newsmax TV


New to The Street’s 285th TV episode, features eight (8) interviews of the following Companies and their businesses’ representatives:

1). Cryptocurrency –’s (CRYPTO: FET) ($FET) interview, Mr. Humayun Sheikh, CEO, and Mr. Ben Armstrong, Podcast Influencer and Host “BitBoy Crypto.”

2). Cryptocurrency – Glow’s (CRYPTO: GLOW) ($GLOW) interviews, Mr. Bryan Lawrence, Co-Founder, Mr. Kurtis Brisbois, Co-Founder, and Mr. Adam Beier, Co-Founder.

3). Cryptocurrency – Paypolitan’s (CRYPTO: EPAN) ($EPAN) interview, Nils Tharandt Ortiz, CEO and Co-founder.

4). Starfleet Innotech, Inc.’s (OTCPINK: SFIO) (a.k.a-Smokefree Innotec, Inc.) interview, Mr. Johnathan Oboza Petalver, CEO, The Global Academy, NZ (a division of Starfleet Innotech, Inc.).

5). GlobeX Data Ltd.’s (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SWIS) (FRA: GDT) interview, Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO.

6). Hapbee Technologies, Inc.’s (OTCQB: HAPBF) (TSXV: HAPB) interview, Mr. Yona Shtern, CEO.

7). Cryptocurrency – IAGON’s (CRYPTO: IAG) ($IAG) interview, Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal, CEO

8). Sekur’s® (a division of GlobeX Data Ltd.) “SPECIAL SEGMENT – Weekly Hack” interview, internet privacy expert Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO.

New to The Street airs again this week TV Anchor Jane King’s interviews with’s (CRYPTO: FET) ($FET) CEO, Mr. Humayun Sheikh, and Mr. Ben Armstrong, Podcast Influencer and Host “BitBoy Crypto.” Sheikh talks about the positive evolution of Cryptocurrency and how blockchain adoptions are becoming more mainstream. The growth of NFTs, Metaverse, AI, and the utilization of crypto in different industries outside of the financial sectors continues. Sheikh complements Mr. Ben Armstrong, host of the podcast BitBoy, on his in-depth coverage of the operational ongoings at Ben talks about the massive increase in many participating in the cryptocurrency space. As more evolution continues with industrial adaptations, more individuals and entities migrate into this exciting new technology. What Ben likes about is that they produce real usable crypto AI applications for everyday uses. builds platforms that evolve crypto acceptances. Sheik concludes the interview with how digitizing commerce, peer-to-peer, older legacy technology platforms, including but not limited to the financial sectors, continue to evolve, and provides these types of AI – integrated crypto blockchain platforms for actual-world acceptances.

On this week’s New to The Street TV, the show welcomes Co-founders, Mr. Bryan Lawrence, Mr. Kurtis Brisbois, and Mr. Adam Beier from Glow (CRYPTO: GLOW) ($GLOW). Together they talk with Anchor Jane King about their DeFi platform and their ability to educate the Glow ecosystem community. Glow remains committed to the highest possible level of transparency and security. With a live 24/7 video chat, Glow’s community can ask questions or enjoy conversation with key members. The Co-founders explain the rewards system that pays holders 10% passive income on buy/sell transactions and their lottery drawings. Glow’s community votes to decide which charity to donate to every month. The Co-founders talk about their global presence and their charitable donations throughout the world. The Co-founders at $GLOW remain determined to educate the masses on crypto DeFi. They informed viewers about their website,, and that anyone can become a part of their DeFi ecosystem.

New to The Street TV airs the in-studio NASDAQ interview with Mr. Nile Tharandts Ortiz, CEO and Co-founder of Paypolitan (CRYPTO: EPAN) ($EPAN), who talks with TV Anchor Jane King about the current business ongoings. As a next generational payment app, described as being similar to half Apple pay and half Metamask, Neil gives operational highlights of an excellent 2021 year at Paypolitan. During 202, they launch their app at App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), Token $EPAN BitForex listing, and strong month over month organic user growth. Paypolitan expects 2022 to be even more exciting, with the launch in January 2022, a new credit peer-to-peer loan product that offers instant credit, a loan in either cryptocurrency or fiat money. Cash payment product coming too, in 2022. And, as of December 22, 2021, the availability for a website desktop version of Paypolitan products. Neil talks about the app and desktop products becoming available in 8 other languages. Neil shares why he is in NYC to meet with investment bankers for a possible IPO through a SPAC listing sometime in 2023. He gives the value proposition of such a public listing and gives the valuations estimates based on the current monthly rate of users of Paypolitan. Neil concludes the interview with his excitement with the recent API (Application Program Interface) with over 1000 EU banks that can give an efficient, effective, and growing cash payment system for the Paypolitan users.

On this week’s episode of New to The Street TV, Anchor Jane King interviews Mr. Johnathan Oboza Petalver, CEO, The Global Academy, NZ, a Starfleet Innotech, Inc. division (OTCPINK: SFIO). During his in-studio NASDAQ interview, Johnathan explains his board advisory position with Starfleet Innotech, Inc. With three corporate divisions, food/beverage, real estate, and technology, Johnathan focuses on developing leaders who are existing personnel in each of these divisions. An organization’s best assets are those workers who strive to achieve the ultimate successful goals at SFIO. He explains that he aligns each division so that the best possible outcomes are achievable for the growth strategies implemented presently and future operations. SFIO’s flagship business, the food/beverage division, is a perfect example of his position, aligning key personnel with the ultimate goal of organic growth. The subsidiary Gorgeous Coffee Company and its global distribution and license to the Epiphany Café coffee brand expects to open more locations in the US, Asia, and Dubi. John told views that they plan to open 50 Epiphany coffee locations in the US, NY, CA, and Midwest. Throughout 2021, the Company updated its US OTC MARKET listing status, acquired a high-yield business, and expanded into the US markets. In 2022, Johnathan expects to have an audited financial statement, a stock-buyback program, and further updating the Company’s name – Starfleet Innotech, and grow the SFIO brand as a whole and its divisions.

Once again, on this week’s New to The Street TV show, Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO, GlobeX Data Ltd. (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SWIS) (FRA: GDT). He provides TV Anchor Jane King an overview of the operational successes throughout the 2021 year and his business forecast for 2022. The Company’s hard work in 2021 increased its market capitalization, price per share, strong cash-on-hand, and significantly improved financial health. Management centralized its brands and launched Sekur® and Sekur® Suite. The partnerships with FMW Media, New to The Street TV, and social influencers greatly enhanced the sales and marketing while increasing the demographic reach of the Company. Q3 sales were up nicely, and he expects to see similar in Q4 2021. In 2022, Alan told views to see a revamp of the SekurSafe® with new product enhancements, the revised Sekur Mail platform, a new version of Sekur Messenger – with group options, the rollout of both Sekur Voice and Sekur Pro – video conference. Shareholders can expect to see the Company up-list its shares to the OTC MARKET OTCQX platform in 2022. Management will meet with key investment bankers in 2022 to look forward to an eventual NASDAQ listing in 2023. GlobeX Data Ltd. operates its internet platforms and security businesses under the country of Switzerland’s very tough privacy laws. Sekur®, with its proprietary HeliX technology and other encryption solutions, can provide by subscription a very comprehensive IT privacy protection for both individuals and businesses.

Talking in-studio at NASDAQ, Mr.Yona Shtern, Chief Executive Officer, Hapbee Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: HAPBF) (TSXV: HAPB), talks with New to The Street’s TV Anchor Jane King about the Company’s Hapbee Smart Wearable. As a digital device that transmits a signal, end-users can set their moods without the aid of pills, coffee, or other oral consumptions. Yona describes the wearable like a “Spotify” for humans’ moods. Hapbee has 25 basic mood blends, and they added 3-holiday blends, “Oh Joy,” “Winter Nap,” and “Family Time.” The Company is an exhibitor at the upcoming 2022 CSE consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas, showing off their Hapbee Smart Wearable. The Company opened its first international distribution channel in Australia, and athletes in major professional sports are using the wearable for health and competitiveness. Yona sees a strong 2022 for the Company, and with the closing of the private placement investment of $6.1million, the Company can focus on sales and marketing.

New to The Street TV welcomes Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal, CEO at IAGON (CRYPTO:IAG) ($IAG). Dr. Dhaliwal talks about the uniqueness of IAGON’s blockchain technology, the first shared storage economic platform. Both individually and commercially, end-users can earn revenues from unused storage and processing power on their PCs, servers, and data centers. Navjit talks about IAGON projects in the Metaverse, with the W3 (Web 3.0), and with NFTs, and about partnerships with other DeFi platforms. In 2021 the Company raised $3.6M, which allowed it to establish its headquarters, hire more key personnel, and receive EU Patent. In 2022, Navjit expects to publish and receive more patents in other global jurisdictions and sees other key technological partnerships showcasing IAGON’s platform. The “Social” sites on the Company’s website are available for those who like to learn more and communicate with management.

Again, this week, New to The Street airs The “WEEKLY HACK” – SPECIAL SEGMENT about Sekur® (a division of GlobeX Data Ltd.) with the internationally acclaimed internet privacy expert, Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO. Talking with TV anchor Ana Berry, Alain enlightens the views about the vulnerable digital wallets, mainly crypto wallets. These digital wallets expect to grow in popularity and use, and as such, the hackers are ready to steal wallet contents and your private data. Alain explains that group messaging in open-tech platforms like Telegram allows hackers to install malware onto a device without your knowledge, which leads to the hack of the wallets. The most well know crypto hack in 2021 was the Coinbase hack, which stole millions of dollars in crypto from digital wallets stored on that platform. Make sure your crypto wallet is on a reputable site, change passwords frequently, and buy a password management software to prevent or limit a hack attack. The hacking problems continue, and it is not going away in 2022. If you subscribe to a Sekur® account, you can significantly eliminate the threat of being hacked. What is your privacy worth in 2022?

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