What does NativeCoin do?

NativeCoin acts as a decentralized, universal, digital currency that can be utilized by Native American Tribes and their Casinos. With NativeCoin, it costs mere pennies to transfer thousands of dollars by means of utilizing an internal peer-to-peer transaction. This method requires no third party to facilitate the transfer and is completed nearly instantaneously. One of the biggest hurdles for Casinos in acquiring new online gaming customers is simply the time it takes for banks to approve transactions. Blockchain currency like NativeCoin, has become the global solution to overcoming obstacles such as this in the international market. NativeCoin enables all Indian Casinos to expand beyond the brick-and-mortar market and increase their revenues by an estimated ten to fifteen times within the first few months. For the first time in history, NativeCoin will provide a means by which Tribal entities can conduct business both outside their reservations and across international borders without any red tape.

NativeCoin will become active and tradeable on the B-Platform network upon the public launching of NativeCoin (N8V) to United States customers in 2021.