Linqto’s interview with Susan Miller, Chief Growth Officer (CGO), and Lisa Carmen Wang, Founder, “Bad Bitch Empire.”


This week, Anchor Jane King, New to The Street TV, talks with Susan Miller, Chief Growth Officer (CGO) at Linqto, and Lisa Carmen Wang, Founder of “Bad Bitch Empire.” Susan informs viewers about the lack of diversity among women in the equity markets. With a collaboration between Linqto and Lisa Carmen-Wang’s “Bad Bitch Empire,” they want a change. Men do 90% of the private equity investments, and Linqto and Bad Bitch Empire want to provide resources that can empower women to get involved in an investment strategy. Through educational and mentorship resources, the collaboration aims to increase women’s financial literacy, reducing the fear of an investment placement. Women are intelligent and talented, and they should be investing just like men, and the goal to do so will enable more women to take steps to invest. Through a monthly segment over the next year, Susan and Lisa will host a streaming investor education platform, which provides educational resources to understand investments in cryptocurrency, private equity, and other stock investment strategies. The invitation is open to both women and men, and you learn more about how to participate at and the Linqto YouTube Channel. Linqto helps its client identify, evaluate, and invest in the world’s leading Unicorns. Generational wealth occurs more often with private investments in high-tech entities before IPOs. Linqto is private investing made simple; sign-up now. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Linqto –

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