Linqto’s interview with Joe Endoso, Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Uphold, Inc.’s Robin O’Connell, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).


Mr. Joe Endoso, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Linqto, and Robin O’Connell, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Uphold, Inc., are in-studio at the Nasdaq Marketplace with New to The Street TV’s Host Jane King. Linqto provides private investment opportunities for accredited investors in privately held companies. Uphold, Inc. is one of Linqto’s privately owned entities in their portfolio, and Robin O’Connell, Uphold’s CRO, describes his business and the relationship with Linqto. Uphold’s end-users can purchase cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, commodities, and fractional equivalents as a multi-asset wallet and platform. The platforms allow users to move asset positions between different holdings seamlessly. With more W3 ecosystems coming online, NFT, and Metaverse entities, the platform’s ease of use and versatility can explain why Uphold has 8M users. Joe Endsoo, COO at Linqto, says that Uphold is an excellent example of a potential investment in a privately held company with strong growth and revenues. When Linqto took them into their portfolio in 2020, they only had 1.5M users, and their revenues were about 1/10 of what they are now. The Uphold digital wallet can link to investors’ Linqto accounts to make a direct investment. Uphold is fully registered and regulated, required by US and international jurisdictions. Robin believes the recent crypto downfall (Crypto Winter) is from non-regulated DeFi platforms that collapsed the markets. Regulatory entities started to require DeFi entities to comply with rules and regulations stipulated accordingly. An individual needs to be accredited to become an investor on Linqto; a US investor needs $200,000 annual income and a net worth of $1M, excluding home values. Overseas investors will need to qualify according to their foreign jurisdictions. Linqto is private investing made simple; sign-up now. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Linqto –

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