LGCY Network’s (CRYPTO: LGCY) ($LGCY) / Quantum International Corp.’s (OTCPink: QUAN) ($QUAN) interview with Justin Waiau, Project Manager at LGCY Networks / CEO at Quantum International Corp / LootUP.


Mr. Justin Waiau, Project Manager at LGCY Network (CRYPTO: LGCY) ($LGCY) and CEO at Quantum International Corp. (OTCPink: QUAN) ($QUAN) / LootUP is back at the Nasdaq MarketSite studio for an interview with TV Host Jane King. Justin gives an update regarding the $LECY blockchain ecosystem, which enables end-users and developers to participate and create using a dAPP blockchain. The network updated its wallet extensions, integrated the newest API, made an informative developers guide, and is working on new product roll-outs. The Company’s LootUp App, based on the LGCY blockchain, offers a unique and innovative payment platform that never holds end-users funds and is not vulnerable to account shutdowns or freezes. LootUp end users are increasingly enjoying the many benefits of this P2P non-custodial blockchain payment app. A new product app, the CannaLootUp App, based on the LootUp ecosystem, is coming to market soon. The cannabis industry needs a payment system independent of the legacy financial platforms. CannaLootUp App can solve many problems in buying/selling cannabis products because of its non-custodial feature, and the wallet owner of the App have complete control of their assets. The cannabis industry is a strong growing market with many financial needs that can use the unique features built into the CannaLootUp App. Like the LootUp app, the CannaLootUp offers simplified features, which enable end-users to send payments through their approved whitelisted names and confirm/cancel a transaction. It provides invoicing with built-in Smart Contracts for ease and efficiency in purchasing goods/services. Even though 2022 is a tough market for the blockchain and crypto industries, Justin sees a strong 2023 ahead with the growth of LGCY Network’s ecosystem. The on-screen QR code is available during the show to download more info or visit LGCY Network at https://lgcy.network/.

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