Kylin Network’s Dylan Dewdney, Chief Stratosphere Officer, and Mr. Ben Lakeoff, Chief NFT Advisor


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In-studio at NASDAQ, Mr. Dylan Dewdney, Chief Stratosphere Officer (CSO), and Mr. Ben Lakeoff, Chief NFT Advisor from Kylin Network (CRYPTO:KYL)($KYL), joins New to The Street T.V. host Jane King. Kylin provides cross-chain DeFi platforms that can power the digital economy with decentralized data management blockchains utilizing the $KYL token. The NFT3 platform division at Kylin is a decentralized application that provides technological identifiers and quantifiers on assets in NFTs. With NFTs gaining more acceptance in different asset classes beyond art and sports memorabilia, NFT3 can assign validations necessary to ensure the integrity and validity of assets within NFTs. Ben Lakeoff, who specializes in NFT creations and trades, talks about KYLIN’s “Charged Particles” project, which can allow existing NFT new protocols, allowing NFT owners to deposit more and different assets into an existing NFT. Ben explains this technological advance and why NFT3 can be a significant advancement in NFT creations and validations. Both talk about the “Metaverse” digital world and how that will change the existing structure on the internet (WEB 3) and how Kylin’s NFT3 works now and in the future, creating a new digital identity.

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