Interview with Abraham Muheize, NFT/Web 3.0 (W3) Expert.


Tonight, New to The Street TV airs the Nasdaq Marketplace in-studio interview with NFT and Web 3.0 (W3) expert Abraham Muheize. Talking with TV Host Jane King, Abraham talks about “HOW” an NFT can work with all types of businesses. As a new technological platform that continues to grow, the NFT space makes a lot of sense for a conventional business to migrate themselves to the new Web 3.0 platform. The NFT is fast becoming a significant business structure for many companies, creating an ecosystem of community holders. Each NFT holder works together to build up and support a Company’s NFT, which can move the price of an NFTs value upwardly. Abraham assists companies looking to enter the NFT space, and his developers and creative talents can make the process not seem confusing or complicated. Abraham owned a Basketball team, San Diego Kings, where he learned community support was necessary to build a thriving fan base. His slogan: “Win in the Community Before Winning in the Gym works now for his NFT business. The same concept works with the NFT community ecosystem, where everyone can interact to ensure success. NFT managers and holders can meet on “Twitter Spaces” or “Club House” social media rooms to discuss operational issues, trends, social events, and other topics. Any company looking to venture into the W3 NFT space needs a comprehensive “Road Map” which can ensure a successful NFT platform launch; contact Abraham to learn more about the NFT process. The on-screen QR code is available during the show to download more info or visit Abraham Muheize on Twitter – and

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