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Exploring The Block

FMW Media Works Corp. produces “Exploring the Block” the new program which features the best and brightest in the blockchain industry today!

The show features Docademic the healthcare start-up that offers a form of free basic healthcare for the world and enables scientific research of healthcare data for the masses, which will revolutionize the world by building an AI healthcare supercomputer. Docademic is currently providing free basic healthcare in over 20 countries through telemedicine, with the aid of blockchain technology. The companies website states “The MEDICAL TOKEN CURRENCY (MTC), allows interaction with the blockchain enabled healthcare platform currently under development by Docademic. It enables interested parties to interchange valuable data between them in exchange of a token that is used to acquire services or products. It encourages the use of the blockchain as a trustful repository for health-related information and motivates the common user to exchange their data for benefits provided by third parties. With the Docademic App we have the chance to have a positive impact on thousands of people around the world.”

Episode #1 featured Docademic CEO Charles Nader demonstrating the App live!
Mr. Nader states, “Docademic is very happy to be featured on the ‘NEW TO THE STREET’ new TV show, ‘Exploring the Block.’  The show’s producers are providing a deep look into the achievable real-world benefits of blockchain technology. The show provides an extraordinary medium which showcases legitimate companies based on facts and real-world examples of Blockchain use and innovation.”

The show also interviewed Docademic Supporter and 2020 Presidential candidate John McAfee in episode #2. With Docademic making its debut in California, John McAfee now has a worldwide platform to showcase his vision for not only universal healthcare but for better governance in the United States.

Episode #3 Debuts the blockchain for children project Mission to Reunite

Natasha Paracha miss world Pakistan 2008, Berkeley graduate and Chairperson of Pakistani Affairs at the United Nations tells the world why she founded Save the Children, who she is partnering with and/or plans to partner with GreaterGoodSociety.org and how blockchain technology can be beneficial in reuniting families that have been separated at the border. Yasmeen Drummond Berkeley graduate founder of Halo VC, Women in Blockchain and Team Block Society also speaks out on why she cofounded the project and about the meaningful relationships among women working in blockchain. Yasmeen states on the team block society website “We advance women in the industry by spreading their ideas and informing them of new opportunities. We advocate and push conferences to have a diverse roster and make it easier for them to fill their roster with female speakers by reaching into our network and database. We are also a source of strong female talent for blockchain companies and investors.”

One of their partners is SimplyVital Health The secure new blockchain where patient data and healthcare professionals interact. Founded by the Wonder Woman of health Kat Kuzmeskas, MPH and Lucas Hendren.


Exploring The Block is the brainchild of three
Successful business men:

Vince Caruso
President of FMW Media Works Corp. Vince is known in the industry for his laser -like focus. Vince founded New to the Street in 2011.

Adam Becker
COO of New To The Street, Adam Becker is a sales, marketing and management professional with a track record of over 25 years of massive success. His role of Chief Operations Officer allows him to utilize that experience in the development and growth of the sales and marketing departments.

Stephen Simon
CO-CEO of New To the Street who has demonstrated a history of successful media production throughout his career and the anchor behind the scenes of Exploring The Block.

The goal of the show is to Showcase, Question & Explore companies changing the way the world uses data and security using Blockchain Technology. “Exploring the Block” is providing the most up to date news and insight in the world of blockchain technology. The multi-part series will Air Monthly on the Fox Business Network. Exploring The Block is also organizing an event in New York City. The event will feature the best up and coming companies revolutionizing the world today!

The show plans to feature many more upcoming companies such as the most secure crypto hardware wallet ever invented. Bitfi Knox hardware wallet founded by DANIEL KHESIN is a breakthrough technology that offers a rare combination of the most advanced security for private and enterprise use and is remarkably simple to use requiring no technology knowledge. With the Bitfi technology your money is safer than in any bank vault on earth and even though it is a sophisticated instrument, operating it is as easy as using an ATM machine. This unprecedented combination of security and user-friendliness is a quantum leap in the way that you can interact with and manage cryptocurrency and other digital assets.

“NEW TO THE STREET” and “Exploring the Block” TV broadcasts on the Fox Business Network reaching up to 95 million homes. FMW Media Works Corp.’s “NEW TO THE STREET” is a leading provider of business profiles and special corporate programming.

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The author is an advisor to both Docademic and Exploring The Block.

Nothing in this article constitutes investment advice or advocates buying any tokens.
Please review their case purely on merit and proceed only if you are convinced or interested. Also, I do not encourage folks from USA, China etc. to invest in an ICO unless they speak to their lawyers. I only support genuine good people doing great in Blockchain innovation.