HeyPal(TM) Achieves Top 10 Rank in 25 Countries Among iOS Education Apps During First Week of Global Launch


ClickStream Corp. (OTC PINK:CLIS), a technology company focused on developing apps and digital platforms to disrupt conventional industries, is pleased to announce its subsidiary Nebula Software Corp.’s HeyPal™ App achieved Top 10 rank among iOS Education Apps in 25 countries over the past week. According to data from https://appfigures.com/, the newly released social messaging platform for language exchange also reached Top 25 rank among Education Apps in 40 countries, and ranked as high as #46 in the US which placed HeyPal™ right between Rosetta Stone Language Learning App and PBS Kids Education Games App.

HeyPal™ Language Exchange, just one week removed from Global iOS Launch, has proven to be a stable and engaging social platform where a growing number of users are connecting with others around the world and learning new languages in the process. Through examining data drawn from a total of 54,000 downloads, several key metrics saw significant growth including total messages sent rising to 1.5 million. Users have now accounted for over 10,000 posts and 79,000 likes on the platform and the HeyPal™ translation feature was utilized in messages and on language feeds over 355,000 times with 130,000 of those translations occurring in the past week.

After a fully organic international beta, K&J Growth stepped in to provide marketing and consulting services to raise public awareness of HeyPal™ globally. Growth Campaigns, while currently still in a testing phase, accounted for over 25,000 downloads in the past week and from those downloads HeyPal™ was the beneficiary of 231,000 new user sessions amounting to over 41 million clicks. Initial worldwide Facebook and Instagram campaigns showed a promising 70% user loyalty and conversion rate from app store visit was 14.9%.

“We’re thrilled to see new users loving the platform so quickly, with an average of 14 sessions per new user. People seem to understand it, and have already started posting regularly to feeds, building their influencer followings, and securing valuable usernames / handles. With the organic virality driving over 30% of new users, I’m confident more and more people will turn to the new, interactive way of language learning and meeting new people. The immediate traction tells me HeyPal™ is just what all us language learners have been yearning for.” said Jonathan Maxim of K&J Growth.

Next steps for HeyPal™ include enhancing and adding features, improving on user experience, and the introduction of educators and interpreters onto the platform to improve the learning environment for users interested in this option. Please send any user feedback to support@heypalapp.com.


ClickStream is a technology company focused on developing apps and digital platforms that disrupt conventional industries. The company is currently marketing and developing WinQuik™, HeyPal™ and Nifter™ respectively. For more information, please visit website at https://clickstream.technology/ or Twitter at https://twitter.com/ClickstreamC or Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/clickstreamcorp/.

WinQuik™, is a free-to-play synchronized mobile app and digital gaming platform. The platform is designed to enable WinQuik™ users to have fun, interact and compete in order to win real money and prizes. For more information please visit Website at http://www.winquik.com/ or Twitter at https://twitter.com/winquikapp or Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/winquiktrivia/.

HeyPal™, by way of ClickStream subsidiary Nebula Software Corp., is a language learning app that focuses on “language exchanging” between users around the world. For more information about HeyPal™, please visit Website at https://www.heypalapp.com/ Instagram at https://instagram.com/heypalapp/ or Twitter at https://twitter.com/HeypalA.

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