Healixa, Inc.’s (OTCPINK:EMOR) (f.k.a. Emerald Organic Products Inc.) interview with Ian Parker, CEO


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Healixa, Inc. (OTCPINK:EMOR) (f.k.a. Emerald Organic Products, Inc.) CEO Ian Parker returns to New to the Street on this week’s show, talking about the latest progress at the Company. Mr. Parker gives a comprehensive update on Helalix’s portfolio of health technology products and applications, clean water products and technologies, and green renewable technologies. With Helalix’s mission on healing humans through sustainability products, the Company focuses its sales and marketing strategies with its key products, technologies, and solutions. Mr. Parker further explains the need for worldwide clean water solutions, and maintainability of such water solutions for the betterment of mankind. He emphasized the Company as a people-first digital organization that humanizes care by deploying simplified solutions for complex global challenges

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