HCM Staffing & Consulting (HCM) interviews with Eddie Bright, Jr. CEO, Valarie Mackey, CEO- WrightNow Solutions, and Yvette Pegues, Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) – Your Invisible Disability GroupDisability Group.


New to The Street TV airs the HCM Staffing & Consulting (HCM) interviews with Eddie Bright, Jr. CEO, Valarie Mackey, CEO at WrightNow Solutions, and Yvette Pegues, Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) at Your Invisible Disability Group. TV Host Jane King speaks with HCM’s CEO, Eddie Bright, Jr., who explains the Company’s business model. HCM has a suite of high-tech staffing and consulting services focusing on human resource diversities and those with disabilities. Upskilling, retraining, talent development, and positive talent retention are some services that clients use HCM for their employment needs. Valarie Mackey, CEO at WrightNow Solutions, talks to viewers about the importance of a diversified workforce and the successes associated with such a force. Bringing people together from different educational platforms, skill sets, mindsets, races, and social/economic demographics can enhance innovations. Businesses that embrace a diversified workforce usually see a 30-40% increase in profitability. Yvette Pegues, Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) at Your Invisible Disability Group, provides information about overlooked and talented individuals who look differently with disabilities. Only 13% of businesses hire or seek those highly talented individuals with physical or mental limitations. Most of the time, companies seem to think it will cost more to hire and retain those with disabilities due to their locations lacking infrastructure. One way a business can feel more confident hiring, an audit of a business’s internal and external infrastructures can assist in the hiring those with limitations. With consent changes in technological advancement, employers evolve to meet consumer needs. They can employ HCM to retrain and reskill existing employees, which is more cost-effective and efficient than seeking new hires. Currently, the US workforce has five generations working together at any given time. Each generation has different mindsets, work, and life experiences, brought together, innovating new products and services. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the forefront of everything HCM Staffing & Consulting does and its services to employers. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit HCM Staffing & Consulting (HCM) – https://hcmscg.com/.

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