Greer Consulting, Inc’s (“GCI”) interview with Jason Greer, Founder/CEO


Joining New to The Street is Jason Greer, Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Greer Consulting, Inc. (“GCI”), who talks with TV Host Jane King from the show’s Nasdaq MarketSite studio. Greer Consulting, Inc. is an employee relations and diversity management consulting firm that works with companies and organizations to address challenges in the workplace. Jason, a former board agent with the National Labor Relations Board, decided to take his experiences in labor negotiations and create a proactive platform to benefit employers and employees. Using GCI’s proprietary “Target Tension Index,” Jason and his team can look at quantitative data of a company’s organization that can determine potential employee/employer “HOT” spots. Jason can proactively develop comprehensive plans for employers to effectively communicate with employees, eliminating possible employee arguments, strikes, and walkouts. Many entities are dealing with unionization issues due to employers not giving more care and respect to their workers. Workers want that respect and wages which reflect their contributions to a business. The US workforce is tired and stressed, and recent technology industry layoffs have added to workers’ anxieties. Jason has saved companies millions of dollars by creating approaches for clients in handling employee relations issues, which can possibly eliminate a union threat and bolster employee retention rates. GCI’s team gets an employer ahead of employee discontent issues and provides workable solutions which benefit both the employer and its employees. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Greer Consulting, Inc. –

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