Gorilla Networks Pte Ltd.’s (a Society Pass, Inc. Subsidiary) (NASDAQ: SOPA) interview with Ms. Xanne Leo, CEO/Co-Founder.


This week New to The Street TV interviews Ms. Xanne Leo, Founder/CEO at Gorilla Networks Pte Ltd. (“Gorilla”), a Society Pass subsidiary (NASDAQ: SOPA). Talking with TV Anchor Jane King, Xanne explains the business model at Gorilla; a leading next-generation Web 3.0 enabled MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). Established in 2019, the Company uses Web3 technology to operate as an MVNO for its users in Southeast Asia. With network coverage to over 160 countries, Gorilla offers a full suite of mobile communication services such as local calls, international roaming, data, and SMS texting. After struggling throughout 2020 because of COVID global shutdowns, Xanne shared her determination to succeed, giving everything that she could to ensure that Gorilla survived the economic turmoil. Gorilla is transitioning existing Web2 telco services onto the Web3 economy by tokenizing mobile data as digital assets using the Gorilla GO Token. Customers can convert unused mobile data into digital assets through its “SwitchBack” proprietary blockchain-based ecosystem. These Gorilla GO Tokens can be redeemed for eVouchers, offset future bills, or redeemed for other value-added services. Xanne believes that SOPA’s acquisition of Gorilla gives them access to other SE Asian markets, which otherwise could be costly and time-consuming to enter. Gorilla Networks is the first acquisition by Society Pass in Singapore, which fits the SOPA business model objective to continue building the next generation of digital ecosystems and loyalty programs in Southeast and South Asia. Gorilla’s technology platform is an excellent fit as SOPA incorporates Web 3.0 and blockchain ecosystems and combines marketing capabilities throughout all SOPA’s business holdings. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Society Pass, Inc. – https://thesocietypass.com/.

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