Glow Token interviews, Mr. Bryan Lawrence, CEO & Co-Founder, and Mr. Adam Beier, CFO & Co-Founder.


Bryan Lawrence, CEO and Co-Founder, and Mr. Adam Beier, CFO and Co-founder at Glow Token, LLC (“GLOW”) (CRYPTO: GLOWV2) ($GLOWV2) join TV Anchor Jane King for a live studio interview from the NASDAQ Market. GLOW represents the illumination of the decentralized crypto finance (DeFi) space through education and charity with a commitment to unity, clarity, and security for its community. Bryan explains how the ecosystem of the GLOWV2 token works within their community of users. As a passive income token, GLOW users get back 10% dividends, in stablecoin BUSD, on all buy/sell transactions on the platform. Each month, the community votes on a charitable cause, and GLOW donates accordingly. Adam explains the Company’s 2 – different lotteries. One is a daily draw, and the other is when a wallet reaches $10,000; a random drawing occurs, and one lucky holder receives the BUSD rewards. Both talk about the recent listing of GLOWV2 on the SafeMoon Swap platform and how Safemoon’s ecosystem and community can bring unique synergies for Glow.
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