Glint Pay’s interview with Mr. Jason Cozens, CEO.


From the Nasdaq Marketplace studio, New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King brings back Jason Cozens, CEO at Glint Pay, for an interview. Glint Pay is the only payment platform that uses allocated GOLD for everyday purchases. Even though GOLD values are down, in the long run, GOLD is always the best hedge against inflation, other economic downturns, geopolitical tensions, and war. Jason explains that the main reason for the current GOLD prices is the strong dollar which is directly valued upwardly because of the current war in Europe, Ukraine-Russia. With over $31T in US debt and over 20% of that number printed in the last 2-years, the dollar value will most likely fall. Jason informs viewers that during his lifetime, GOLD values are up about 500%, and the purchasing power of the US dollar is down about 80%. The Glint Pay App is available to everyone 18 years and older, and once approved, account holders, can buy, sell, save, spend, and send GOLD holdings with minimal fees using a debit MasterCard. Glint Pay users over the last year went from 75,000 to around 160,000, with approximately 15,000 new users each month. Glint Pay’s revenues are up 130%, and average users’ GOLD holdings are also up. Typically, the average account holds $5000 worth of GOLD. Each account holder’s GOLD is stored in secure vaults in Switzerland and insured. Glint Pay has a new product for wealth managers and financial advisors who can open accounts directly on their client’s behalf. Their clients now have a GOLD-funded account with a true GOLD commodity allocation. Currently, most of these financial services managers can only make transactions in precious metal ETFs which is not a real GOLD-allocated holding. Investors who would like to learn more about the potential investment opportunities in the Company can go to the website, Download the app to buy, save, spend, and send real GOLD and Fiat currencies digitally with Glint. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Glint Pay –

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