Glint Pay’s interview with Mr. Jason Cozens, CEO


Mr. Jason Cozens, CEO of Glint Pay, is back in-studio at the Nasdaq Marketplace, talking and updating New to The Street TV’s Host Jane King about the Company and its Glint Pay GOLD app. People are looking for economic safety from US Inflation at over 8.5%, cryptocurrency collapse, Ukraine-Russian War, and other global financial pressures. GOLD is the ultimate safe, and stored value one can own. One problem with GOLD is that it is hard to use to buy everyday goods and services. The Glint Pay platform enables account holders to own as much GOLD as they want. With Glint Pay’s relationship with Mastercard, account holders convert GOLD values into fiat currencies to pay for everyday goods and services. Glint Pay transactions are seamlessly converted into currencies and used for paying for goods/services in a first-of-its-kind GOLD-based ecosystem app. Jason continues to see a month-over-month increase in account openings with over 115,000+ account holders in over 200+ countries. The “GOLD protocol” platform at Glint Pay allows money managers and financial advisors to open accounts directly on their clients’ behalf. Their clients now have a GOLD-funded account that managers adjust holdings based on market conditions and for their clients’ everyday purchase needs. Using GOLD as a safety hedge against economic downturns only makes sense. BUY, SAVE, SPEND, and SEND real GOLD; get your Glint Pay account now, and download the app. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Glint Pay –

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