Getty Images, Inc.’s (NYSE: GETY) ($GETY) interview with Craig Peters, CEO.


This week, New to The Street TV interviews Craig Peters, CEO at Getty Images, Inc. (NYSE:GETY) ($GETY). Talking with TV Host Jane King, Peter explains the successful public listing of the Company’s stock on the New York Stock Exchange and the benefits of doing so for its investors and the Company’s employees. The IPO allowed GETY to raise $1B, which will pay off old debts and provide the working capital needed to continue to roll out new impact image content and media innovations. Getty Images, in business for over 27 years, seeks to be the best global content imager and provider. With about ½ million content contributors and 300 content partners from around the globe, Getty can offer the best content to any worldwide customer. With the innovation and constant evolution of Web 3.0 (W3), Craig sees upcoming opportunities with Getty’s participation in the NFT marketplace. Getty Images, Inc. is always looking for and providing great content to assist or promote the growth of the brands of both new and established customers. Craig continues to see growth and recognition as a leader in the impact media content sector. He humbly says that opportunities come from hard work and not over-predicting industry trends and outcomes. The on-screen QR code is available during the show to download more info or visit Getty Images, Inc. –

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