“Game Changers Segment” interview with Haggai Alon, Founder/Executive Director/CEO of SMX (Security Matters), PLC.’s (NASDAQ: SMX) ($SMX).


New to The Street airs its “Game Changers Segment” with TV Host and Multi-media Journalist Ana Berry, who talks with Haggai Alon (“H”), Founder, Executive Director, and CEO of SMX (Security Matters) Public Limited Company (NASDAQ: SMX) ($SMX) (“SMX). With innovative and scalable technology solutions, SMX is a “Game Changer.” The Company’s unique molecular marker technology tracks and traces supply-chain routes, raw material sourcing, and final goods sold. The technology provides verification, authenticity, and transparency on all business production inputs. Each step in a manufacturing process is on a blockchain for immediate and accessible verifications. In today’s global economy, where sustainability is necessary for consumers and manufacturers, using the blockchain with the Company’s molecular markers gives verifiable confidence. “H” says that the Company took over the patents from the Israeli Government and then enhanced the technology. SMX has about 100 new patents covering about fifty different materials. Producers can maintain growth by lowering the dependency on sourcing raw and recycled materials, increasing material accessibility, and improving margins. The plastic industry is a good growth sector for SMX, whereas the technology can provide immediate information about sourced plastic being new materials or recycled. The Company’s technological platform allows its clients to quantify all aspects of a production cycle, “Give Material Memory.” The origins of raw materials are important in growing consumer awareness and brand identities. SMX’s clients can immediately track/trace every step of production inputs, knowing quantities, qualities, and places of origin to ensure reliable and ethical manufacturing standards. The global fashion industry is another manufacturing sector using SMX’s molecular track/trace technology. “H” talks about the leather used in making garments and how a manufacturer can immediately know about reliable sources and track all the other inputs used for the final product. A manufacturer can ensure that brand awareness meets consumer expectations, from the tannery to the final goods sold. The blockchain immediately provides real-time data for everyone involved, from sourcing materials to final production. Plastic, precious metals, and fashion industries are just some end-users using SMX to ensure product reliability and sustainability. “H” says, “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.” The interview airs on Newsmax, episode 459, April 22, 2023, at 3:30 PM ET. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit SMX – https://smx.tech/.

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